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In 40 years, pacific turns 100 times more toxic.

No microplastic was found in the majority of samples taken for testing during 1972 to 1987. But over the last 40 years,plastic waste floating in the North Pacific has grown 100-fold.

Plastic paycards expected to surge

Los Angeles -- Consulting firm Aite Group of Boston predicts the number of employers replacing paper paychecks with plastic paycards will surge in the next four years.

A recent survey showed only 40 percent of employers knew the option to use paycards existed, the Los Angeles Times reported Monday. But the consulting firm expects the compounded annual growth rate for employers switching to plastic forms of payment to jump 29 percent by 2014.

A few dollars saved can be a convincing argument for companies with large payrolls.

"Moving paperless is going to save costs and make us more productive," said Steve Leighton, controller at Helpmates Staffing Services, an Irvine, Calif., company.

Atlantic garbage patch not increasing--study

A team of U.S. researchers, who recently analyzed the 22 years worth of data on Atlantic garbage patch, revealed on Thursday that surprisingly plastic concentration in the Atlantic has not increased over the time.

Chemists come up with safer plastics

Washington -- Scientists say they've developed a way to prevent emissions of harmful chemicals from a plastic found in packaging, medical supplies, toys and other products.

The technique, described in the journal Macromolecules, could lead to new generations of the common plastic polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, that are safer than the form now being used, an American Chemical Society release said Wednesday.

Manufacturers currently add large amounts of chemicals known as plasticizers to PVC to make it flexible and durable.

Plasticizers sometimes account for a full third of the weight of the finished PVC product, researchers say.

Consumer Corner: Bottles yes, plastic no

Chicago -- Health experts recommend drinking eight glasses of water a day, but unless it's portable, it's tough to accomplish while running around all day.

Plastic is convenient but it doesn't disintegrate in landfills and can leach chemicals that can cause cancer.

What's the answer?

Bradford Schulman may have it: Green Planet, a company producing bottled water packaged in more environmentally friendly materials.

With processed plant waste material from Cargill's Natureworks subsidiary, Schulman's is one of a handful of companies bottling water in plastic-like bottles that are reusable and biodegradable.

Heidi Montag risked life to become prettier

Los Angeles, January 20 -- Heidi Montag “almost died” trying to become prettier. The star, who recently underwent ten cosmetic surgery procedures, however, insists she is not addicted to plastic surgery; she just wants to be as attractive as possible.