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Google in danger of having Maps service banned in Germany!

Some interesting developments are being panned out at the German courts! Looks like the legal spat between Microsoft and Google/Motorola involving a patent used by Google Maps platform is heating up!! The lawsuit could wind up having Google’s Maps service banned in Germany.

RIM fined $147.2 million over patent violation lawsuit

In a patent dispute, Research In Motion (RIM) is said to have infringed upon Mformation Technologies said a San Francisco court on Friday.

IPCom seeking ban on HTC sales in Germany

Shoppers hoping to bag HTC smartphones this Christmas in Germany may have to face disappointment if a German patent firm has its way.

Samsung loses battle in Netherlands, court allows sale of iPhones & iPads

A Dutch court has ruled in favor of Apple, allowing the company to sell its iPhones and iPads in Netherlands, turning down Samsung’s request for a ban.