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Dog chews 3 toes off diabetic owner's foot

Imagine walking up one morning to find that a part of your body part eaten by your dog. Well, it is certainly possible if the part is infected or wounded.

Missing cat re-appears after 5 years

Biloxi, Miss. -- A cat missing for five years is back home in Mississippi, bearing battle scars and a wilder attitude but happy, the owner says,

"This is the power of microchipping," humane society Director Tara High said. "There is no other way that cat would have found its
family. This is a very dramatic story with a wonderful ending."

Scrub was an indoor cat living in Gulfport, Miss., with Jennifer and Chris Noble prior to Hurricane Katrina, but after the storm hit their living conditions changed considerably, The Sun Herald of Biloxi, Miss., reported.

Loose bull's owner charged

Sanford, Fla. -- Sheriff's deputies in Florida arrested a man on a negligence charge for allegedly not doing enough to try to capture his loose bull.

Sam Smith, 40, who lives west of Sanford near State Road 46, said he tried to catch the 500-pound bull, which had recently been given to him by a neighbor, for about 3-4 hours Sunday before going home and making a plan to return for the animal at first light with someone who had experience roping cattle, the Orlando Sentinel reported Monday.

However, sheriff's deputies said the bull was posing a potential hazard to motorists on the nearby busy street and Smith repeatedly refused to join in efforts to corral it.

Rescued shelter cat dies in new home

Blackwood, N.J. -- A fat cat rescued after its owner lost her New Jersey home to foreclosure two years ago has died, his new owner said.

Prince Chunk, who was said to weigh 44 pounds at one point, passed on in his sleep last weekend after being diagnosed with heart disease, Vince Damiani, 20, of Blackwood, N.J., told the New York Daily News.

"We're all upset," he said. "We lost a family member."

Chunk became a celebrity in 2008 when he was found roaming the streets of Voorhees and dropped off at the Camden County Animal Shelter. His owner had abandoned him after losing her home.

The Damianis took in Chunk in August, and he took to his new life, using a litter box in a homemade castle.

Feline found after lengthy absence

Muskegon, Mich. -- A cat that went missing three years ago has been found apparently no worse for the wear, its owner said.

Terri Essex was in New Mexico when she received a call from her house sitter that her cat, Harrison, had escaped and couldn't be found, the Grand Haven (Mich.) Tribune reported.

Essex said she did everything she could to find Harrison after she returned home to Muskegon.

"We looked, we checked all the shelters, we ran ads in the paper," she said.

The Harbor Humane Society caught a cat in a trap in Spring Lake Township this week and brought it to the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department Animal Control, where it was checked for a microchip.

Dog euthanasia survivor gets new home

Detroit -- The Michigan Rottweiler that survived a euthanasia attempt has found a new home and renewed medical treatment, her owner said.

Matt Olivarez, 27, of Detroit, said Mia, the 11-year-old dog that made headlines last month after she recovered from euthanasia treatment at the Westcott Veterinary Care Center, is moving to the country with friends who asked to remain anonymous, The Detroit News reported Tuesday.

Olivarez said donations have flooded in from around the country to pay for Mia's veterinary treatment for conditions including a ruptured disc in her spine, arthritis in her hips and spine, and partial paralysis in her right rear leg.

Terrier survives alligator attack

Tampa, Fla. -- A Jack Russell terrier may have survived an encounter with an alligator in a Florida river because her quick-thinking owner performed CPR.

Tom Martino said he was taking the dog, named Lizabeth after Fred Sanford's wife in "Sanford and Son," for a walk last Saturday when an alligator lurking in the Hillsborough River near Tampa grabbed her, The Tampa Tribune reported. Martino said he used his licensed handgun to shoot into the water, apparently encouraging the alligator to release the dog.

Martino, for the first time in his life, performed canine CPR.
"She coughed up a bunch of water," Martino said. "I was scared. That's my little baby."

Bushes, Ryan to deliver first pitches

Arlington, Texas -- Texas baseball and presidential royalty will throw out ceremonial first pitches as the World Series moves to the Lone Star State.

Tossing the ceremonial first pitch in Game 3 between the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants Saturday will be pitching great Nolan Ryan, team president and an owner of the Rangers, Major League Baseball said in a release.

In Game 4, former Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush will share ceremonial first-pitch duties, league officials said. George W. Bush was the Rangers' managing general partner from 1989 through 1992 and maintained partial club ownership until 1998.

Winery labels drink for political parties

Rochester, Ill. -- An Illinois winery owner said he is attempting to use politically named wine to predict the outcome of the upcoming midterm elections.

Loren Shanle, owner of Walnut Street Winery in Rochester, said he is selling the same wine with two different labels, GOP and DEM, respectively featuring a cartoon elephant or donkey, The Springfield State Journal-Register reported Wednesday.
He said GOP has a double meaning of "grapes only party" while DEM also stands for "delicious every moment."

Shanle said the wine is a pink grapefruit blush with "natural fruit flavors, distinct aromas and grape characters, enhanced with a tangy blast of natural pink grapefruit."

"Our sales for GOP," he said, "are a little more than DEM."

Cubs owner 'fired' on TV's 'Boss'

Chiacgo -- Todd Ricketts, an owner of the Chicago Cubs, gets fired as a maintenance employee on an upcoming episode of the reality show "Undercover Boss," CBS said.

Ricketts "goes undercover within one of baseball's most famous franchises and fights for the chance to redeem himself after being let go on the second day. Also, when a friend recognizes him parking cars, the boss panics that his cover has been blown," the network said in a news release Tuesday.

The show challenges business owners and managers to try working at lower-level jobs in their own companies.

Ricketts' episode is to air Nov. 7.

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