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Study: Organic food no healthier and nutritious than ordinary food

Los Angeles, July 30: Eating organic food can do no wonders for the human health, a major review of research findings over 50 years has signaled Wednesday. Organic food has no nutritional or health benefits over conventionally produced foods, the review has suggested.

Polish organic food on rise despite crisis

Warsaw, Poland -- The sale of organic food has been on a steady rise in the past years in Poland and producers expect a 20 percent growth this year, Polish Radio said.

The organic food sector is worth some $45 million per year, a large amount for Poland but still low when compared with Western European countries, the radio said Tuesday.

The sale of organic food has been successful and producers say they expect they will keep the pace despite a global financial crisis.

Marian Owerko, president of the Bakalland company said he plans to continue
selling products already well-positioned on the market. He said consumers should keep buying products with which they are familiar even during the economic crisis.

The First lady does some kitchen gardening

Washington, March 20: As a part of her crusade to promote healthy eating, the First Lady, accompanied by local school kids and armed with a shovel, dug ground on the first presidential vegetable patch in the White House on Friday.