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E. coli infection can cause severe health problems in later life--study

People who contract gastroenteritis as a result of drinking water tainted with E. coli may face heart disease, high blood pressure and kidney problems later on in life, claims a new study.

Report: Sebastian Bach bites bartender

Toronto -- Rocker Sebastian Bach was arrested in Ontario after he allegedly bit the hand of a bartender trying to throw him out of Riley's Olde Towne Pub, police said.

Bach, 42, is best known as the former lead singer of the rock band Skid Row.

TMZ said surveillance video shows Bach smashing his wine glass on the ground early Monday morning and walking towards the entrance of the tavern after he was asked to the leave the establishment due to his allegedly rowdy behavior.

While waiting for police to arrive, the unidentified bartender attempted to restrain Bach from behind, prompting the musician to flail around and eventually bite the man, the celebrity news Web site reported.

Bach was arrested for assault, possession of marijuana and mischief.

Canadian scientists successfully convert skin into blood

Now human skin cells can be directly converted into blood cells without first reversing them into flexible pluripotent stem cells, which are used to grow tissues, Canadian scientists have reported in the journal 'Nature.'

Bad-luck address changes surge in Ontario

Markham, Ontario -- City Hall officials in a Toronto suburb say they want to pull the plug on a growing stream of requests to change street addresses to luckier numbers.

It all began this spring when a real estate agent requested a home at No. 4 Dancer Drive in Markham, Ontario, be changed to No. 2 in order to appeal to buyers in the largely Asian neighborhood who see four as bad luck.

The National Post said Saturday the idea has caught on with more sellers following suit with their properties.

"We have to find ways to show leadership and find ways to get beyond these things," said Deputy Mayor Jack Heath.

GM predicts bright Q3 results, gears up for IPO

As General Motors (GM) is preparing for initial public offer (IPO) on Nov. 18, the company has predicted that it has earned $2.1 billion between July and September, this year.

Man snaps pictures of white deer

London, Ontario -- A Canadian man said he was able to snap two pictures of a rare white deer he spotted near a wooded area.

Bill Hopkins of London, Ontario, said he spotted the buck last week and it remained in his sight for about 5 minutes, wandering near a busy road before running off into the wooded area, QMI Agency reported Thursday.

"It was pretty surreal, almost right up there with seeing a unicorn," Hopkins said.

Experts said the deer's coloring was likely due to a reduced skin pigment from a recessive gene. They said the chances of a deer being completely white are about one in 10,000.

Pigs escape onto highway

Toronto -- A busy highway junction just west of Toronto was closed Monday morning when about 60 pigs escaped from a flipped tractor trailer, police said.

Ontario Provincial Police Constable Graham Williamson said the driver lost control of the truck, which was carrying 235 pigs, on the ramp leading from southbound Highway 427 to the eastbound Gardiner Expressway and the vehicle overturned, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported Monday.

Police said the junction would remain closed until the 60 escaped pigs are herded off the roadway. Authorities from the Canada Food Inspection Agency were called to the scene to examine the animals.

The truck driver, who was not injured, was charged with careless driving, police said.

Some Bedroom Depot orders to be filled

Windsor, Ontario -- Canadian furniture retailer Bedroom Depot, which filed for bankruptcy protection last week, said it would honor some orders customers have already paid-for.

Customers who paid by credit card or check would have to wait for two weeks, The Windsar Star reported Monday.

But orders would only be filled if the stores have them in stock and on the premises, the company said.

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'Buckyballs' found in distant star

Oshawa, Ontario -- Canadian astronomers say they've found buckminsterfullerene, also known as buckyballs, one of the strongest molecular structures known on Earth, in outer space.

The molecules were discovered in the remains of a distant star by a University of Ontario team led by astronomer Jan Cami, the online journal Science reported Thursday.

Buckyballs, named because of their resemblance to the geodesic domes of architect Buckminster Fuller, were discovered during experiments on Earth designed to reproduce conditions in space.

It was assumed they'd be found throughout space, but 25 years of searching failed to find them -- until Cami and his team started looking at data gathered by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope.

Police chief did not infringe privacy rights of police sergeant--SC ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday ruled in favor of officials in Ontario, California, police department, stating that department chief did not infringed on privacy rights of police sergeant when he decided to look into sergeant’s text messages on department-issued pager.