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Government equipped to shoulder Food Security Bill burden

India put an important step forward towards ensuring food to the scores of people reeling under the pangs of poverty when the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the parliament, gave the green signal to the Food Security Bill.

Healthier body image aids weight loss -- study

If you thought that engaging in weight loss programs based on diet and exercise were enough to shed those extra pounds, here’s more. According to the findings of a new study, a ‘feel good’ rather than critical approach to body image is what expedites the weight loss.

Cereal breakfast makes for a healthy day--study

A bowl of cereal with milk is the best and the healthiest breakfast choice, states a new study.

Vegetable based protein diets decrease mortality rate

A low-carbohydrate derived from vegetable sources accords more health benefits vis-à-vis low-carb diet derived from non vegetarian sources, new research suggests.

Unhealthy lifestyle ups teen headache risk

Unhealthy lifestyle is indeed a headache. According to the findings of a latest study, teenagers who are overweight, get little or no exercise, and smoke are three times more likely to have chronic headaches or migraines than their peers with healthier lifestyles.

Waist size, irrespective of BMI, ups death risk-–study

People with larger waistline run a twofold higher risk of death from any cause, findings of a new study suggest.

Obesity epidemic getting worse: CDC

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has unveiled a rather dismal report about America’s obesity. The epidemic has the nation in its grip, and it doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon.

Low-carb diet better for heart than low-fat diet

When it comes to fighting obesity and shedding that extra weight, low-fat diet and low-carbohydrate diet are equally efficacious. However, when it comes to heart risk factors, low-carbohydrate diet is definitely more helpful.

Excess weight means lesser memory in women

Women interested in keeping their memory sharp during the later years in life need to keep a check on their weight as new research has established a link between weight and memory.

Neck circumference gauges childhood obesity better

Body Mass Index (BMI) has hitherto been touted as a potent tool to screen obesity. However measuring the circumference of a child's neck may well come across as a better way to screen youngsters who are overweight and obese, results of a new study show.