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North Korea May Embark On Nuclear Test After Rocket Crash

North Korea could perform its third nuclear test to show country’s military prowess after the humiliation it had to face because of its highly controversial rocket failure.

Nuclear test islands might be resettled

Livermore, Calif. -- U.S. scientists say soil cleanup methods might be effective in allowing residents to resettle on some islands where 1950 nuclear tests were held.

Researchers Bill Robison and Terry Hamilton of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory calculated the radiation doses for people possibly returning to Bikini, Enjebi and Rongelap Islands and found some could have lower radioactive levels than the average background dose for residents in the United States and Europe.

Japan seeks China's support for UN resolution on North Korea

Tokyo, June 8: Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso asked visiting Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan for Beijing's support to adopt a UN Security Council resolution against North Korea's nuclear test last month, media reports said Monday.

Aso was quoted as telling Wang that Japan expected China to play a role in denuclearising Pyongyang, government officials said.

"If North Korea comes to possess nuclear weapons, it would have a serious impact on this region," Kyodo News Agency quoted Aso as saying during a meeting with Wang, who was in Tokyo to attend the second high-level economic dialogue between the two countries.

Wang said China is "firmly opposed to a nuclear test by North Korea." But he did not elaborate, saying only that China would continue talks with other countries in the UN.

North Korea threatens nuclear test

Seoul, April 29: North Korea Wednesday warned that it would conduct another nuclear test if the UN Security Council refused to apologise for criticising the Stalinist state's April 5 rocket launch.

"Unless the UN Security Council offers an apology immediately, we will be forced to take additional self-defence measures to protect the highest interests of our republic," a foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement cited by the state-run Korean Central News Agency.

Those measures would include nuclear and ballistic missile tests, it said.