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Microsoft's $7.2 Billion Nokia Not Enough to Attract Software Developers

Nokia and Microsoft Corp.’s $7.2 billion deal has not been fruitful for the company, claim experts. The handset business has faltered and also failed to lure the software developers. which have been dubbed as significant in its path to success.

Will Microsoft and Nokia Agreement of $7.2 billion be profitable?

The Finnish multinational company,Nokia Oyj, has wrapped up its handset business that it once ruled and dominated. Recent updates from the company's arena is that Microsoft Corp. is in a deal with Nokia to buy NOK1V's handset business for 5.44 billion euros ($7.2 billion).

Nokia X series smartphones to hit Indian market in March

Nokia X

The Nokia X line of smartphones that run on Google’s Android operating software will be available in India by the end of this month.

Androids win!! Indian markets elbow out Apple

Folks, we have some great news for you!! Apple demands see a low as Androids are the preferred choice of the Indians.

Nokia takes swings at iPhone 5 in Lumia ad

We all are aware of Samsung’s Apple bashing ads, now its Nokia’s turn to take jibes at the Cupertino based tech giant!

Mozilla, Foxconn join forces!! New device in offing!!

Good news, folks! Mozilla, Foxconn joins hands!! Does the name Foxconn ring a bell? The Tiawan based company has now decided to take a step beyond manufacturing contracts, and has got together with Mozilla to come up with a new device. Announcements will be made shortly!

Nokia launches Lumia 925 with stunning metallic design!

Here's some good news for all those wanting to change their mobile phone to a different model or an alternative operating system after being back and forth between the iOs and Android platforms!!

Samsung beats Apple, Nokia in Global phone sales in Q12013, says Gartner

And the winner is Android! During the first quarter of 2013, Android was the winner by an unbeatable margin. It was the most used, most popular and also the most preferred mobile operating system of choice.

New $99 Asha 501 has “48 days of standby battery life”: Nokia

The recently launched Nokia Asha 501, with a smart design, bold color, quality build and a new UI appears to be a cool entry level smartphone aimed at the budget users.

Is Apple iPhone going the double digit, 12 megapixel way

Is Apple iPhone going the double digit, 12 megapixel way

Apple iphone for camera lovers! Is it 12 mega pixel this time?