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Former 'Full House' star opens up about secret bulimia battle

'Full House' star Candace Cameron Bure has opened up for the first time about her struggle with an eating disorder in her youth. The actress divulged the struggle with bulimia in an interview with People magazine as well as in her new book.

Japanese PM's wife criticizes in new book

Tokyo -- A book by the wife of Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan includes not only details of her life, but also some sharp criticisms of her husband.

Nobuko Kan's book, "Just what will change in Japan after you become prime minister, dear," published by Gentosha, aims barbs at her husband's performance as prime minister, including an admission that "even a family member couldn't have given his general policy speech a passing grade," the Mainichi Shimbun reported Friday.

"Actually, he is more suited to being party secretary-general or head of the policy research committee than being the leader of the party," Kan wrote.