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Large metallic space ball falls from sky

A hollow metallic ball with a circumference of 1.1 meters fell from the sky in the distant area of Namibia, leaving authorities puzzled about where it came from.

Angry Birds Star Wars Cloud City chapter coming soon

Rovio is all set to roll out the next chapter in the Angry Birds Star Wars series with Cloud City that will be launched very soon.

Asteroid 2012 DA14 asteroid may zip past Earth: NASA

Record breaking Asteroid flyby is expected on the 15th of February say the NASA astronomers. The astronomer termed small Asteroid 2012 DA14 approximately weighing 130,000 metric tons and measuring about 45 meters in diameter is expected to pass close our planet even nearer than our communication and weather satellites.

Red dwarf stars may be a new home for human beings!!

An Earth like planet is not too far from our own planet according to a new research done by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

Astronauts use toothbrush for fixing space station

No hardware store in neighborhood, try toothbrush instead! This seems to be the mantra of astronauts Sunita Williams and Akihido Hoshide and NASA engineers.

Spacecraft Voyager 1, completes 35 years in space

A victory in itself! Voyager 1, the workhorse spacecraft, continues to shine surrounded by stars even after 35 long years, far away, from Mother Earth. Astronomers wait in anticipation are on for Voyager 1, a manmade object, which will pass on to the new realm in space bidding a farewell to the solar system.

Peek into NASA’s GRAIL spacecraft and Curiosity Rover with iPhone, iPad’s Spacecraft 3D App!

Space crafts and spaceships have always left the common man spellbound. The inside secrets of Space exploration and space talks are a far off dream for most people. So how about reaching into the mechanics of the twin GRAIL spacecraft or the Curiosity Rover from home?

Merging an ancient 500-Million-Year-Old DNA into Modern E-coli Bacteria! Molecular rewinding of life?

Is evolution being re-staged by the scientists? We hold on to the sides of our chairs as the scientists burn their midnight oil trying to recreate a dinosaur in their laboratories.They have been successful with bacteria and ancient plants and now have finally managed to merge a bacteria with a 500 year old gene !

NASA set to mount disaster tracking camera on ISS

Latest press release from US space agency NASA has revealed about one of NASA’s most ambitious projects; a new camera installation on the International Space Station which will assist human astronauts in keeping up with the disaster zones on Earth.

Astonishing disappearance of star dust belt has the scientists bamboozled!

Poof! A cloud of dust splayed around a young star has astonishingly disappeared into thin year in just three years time. Scientists are puzzled at how this is possible in such short time duration. Maybe the present ideas of planet formation are not quite true! Could it be that the planet formation is quicker than anticipated? Or maybe the stars anchoring the planets are much larger in number?