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Comet ISON: The Special Comet Termed As Solar System's “Time Capsule” By NASA

Scientists across the world are monitoring the comet that has been on a journey of millions of years right from the solar system’s edge and is close to reach to the Sun. This comet is a relic that is said to have formed when the solar system evolved and astronomers expect a stunning light show when it reaches the surface of the sun. The scientists are positive that the studies on ISON, the comet would offer them several clues about the formation of the solar system and the birth of its planets in the ancient times.

China’s Moon Mission Might Interfere With LADEE Project Of NASA

China is all set to launch its very own mission to moon but would not proceed until it hears from NASA that is conducting a lunar mission at present.

NASA Enters Partnership With Planetary Resources For Asteroid Hunting Contests

Though people are interested in video games that feature asteroids for a few decades now, NASA has entered in to a great partnership to create a niche among the asteroid contests for this 21st century.

Maryland’s Night Sky Illuminated With NASA’s Minotaur I Rocket

This Tuesday, the night skies of Maryland lit up brightly as the Minotaur I rocket streaked past leaving a trail of light across the East region of US for many hundreds of miles. NASA, from the peninsula of Delmarva as a mission launched this rocket. NASA, from its Wallops Flight Facility located at Virginia on Tuesday launched the Air Force Minotaur I rocket at 8.15 pm. The Minotaur I rocket would perform several tests as a part of the Air Force’s ORS or Operational Responsive Space.

NASA’s MAVEN Mission Features Mars As A World Of Enchanting Oceans

NASA reports state that in ancient times, Mars had an atmosphere that was thick enough to support the liquid bodies in the planet like oceans, as it was warm enough, which means it is an essential ingredient to support life.

Meet NASA's Robonaut: The Biggest Astronaut With Long Legs

NASA has unveiled the latest upgrade of its biggest Robonaut assistant to give you an idea about how he would look when he gets leggy in 2014!

Tracking Haiyan: NASA’s Images Depict The Impact Of Super Strong Typhoon

The Super strong typhoon Haiyan hit the island of Philippines this Friday that smashed the region along with winds that blew with a sustained speed limit of 195 MPH, which is 315 km speed per hour, according to US Navy Joint Typhoon Warning Centre.

NASA Grants $6 Million To UCF For Asteroid Landings Study

Later this year, NASA will have University of Central Florida or UCF as its Center for Lunar and Asteroid Surface Science or CLASS. Thanks to the grant award of $6 million by NASA to Daniel Britt, Physics Professor, UCF.

NASA begins Its Airborne Survey To Determine The Ice Cover In Greenland, Arctic Seas

NASA plans to conduct an airborne survey for the very first time to measure the changes in the Greenland Ice Sheet with respect to its height and other areas surrounding the Arctic sea during the summer melt season.

NASA News: Infant stars shimmers in the giant “Witch Head Nebula”

A massive and dark cloud that is known as “Witch Head Nebula” that is nearly located at about 800 light years from our blue planet,has been located by NASA recently. It is closer to the Orion Constellation that is just off the well-known hunter's knee. The cloud is swarming with several newborn starts that are dust-obscured and they are yet to be discovered perfectly.