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Stare at skies for Meteor Shower and Comet sky dazzle!!

Get ready with your eyes focused at the dark blueness above and keep your fingers crossed for clear weather this August! This is for you sky watchers. A brilliant dazzle is expected from the Perseid Meteor shower and the stunning Comet ISON in August.

Let the Earth stretch Saturday night just a leap second longer!

International timekeepers are busy adding up one more second to the time clock at 12’o clock worldwide time on Saturday, 30th June, 2012. The official atomic clocks are being coordinated by the time keepers from time to time. All these adjustments have to be made because of the gradual reduction in the Earth’s speed due to the moon’s tidal pull and the atomic clock also moves a tad too fast.

Gigantic crater on the moon cuddles gallons of iced up water?NASA

NASA should gear up for another visit to the moon! NASA officials say that there may be the presence of iced up water inside a gigantic crater on the moon’s South Pole. The Shackleton crater or the frozen ice loaded crater was studied with a laser device used by researchers from NASA, Brown University and MIT. They discovered that the measurements that they have recorded point towards the existence of ice.The researchers excitedly claimed that the laser rays brightened up the area and they were able to calculate the accepted reflectivity in the crater’s insides.

Unique and very “close planet duo” surfaces on the astrophysicists list

Kepler, NASA’s planet hunting spacecraft, used by the astrophysicists has unearthed an “unusual duo” of extra solar planets.The strange pair of planets have orbits near each other’s doorstep. The bigger of the two planets emerges to be more than two times the magnitude of the full moon found in the second “odd” planet’s night sky.

Earth has another moon -- study

Earth has always had two moons orbiting it at any one time, claims a new study.

Star gazers spot moon and Jupiter together

Enthusiatic sky gazers were offered a visual treat last evening when they spotted the moon and Jupiter brightly light up sky.

NASA to launch new moon mission on Thursday

In its quest to learn more about the moon’s structure and determine what lies deep beneath the lunar surface, NASA is all set to launch a $496 million mission to the planet on Sept. 8.

Moon has more water than earlier estimated--NASA

NASA scientists claim there is copious amounts of water in the moon's interior.

Catch the view of four planets coming closer this week

According to the StarDate magazine, four visible planets will appear together in the wee hours of the morning this week.

Saturday's supermoon promises a celestial treat

A celestial treat awaits the sky gazers as 'Supermoon' will adorn the night sky this Saturday.