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Lawmaker's wife accused of kitten theft

Birmingham, England -- A British politician's wife is facing a burglary charge for allegedly stealing a kitten from her husband's mistress, authorities said.

Christine Hemming, 52, the wife of John Hemming, who represents Birmingham in Parliament, was charged with burglary after she allegedly took the kitten Sept. 29 from the home of Emily Cox, The Birmingham Post reported Thursday.

"At the time there was a four-year-old child and an adult present in the house. The kitten had sentimental value to the 4-year-old child," prosecutor David Devine said. "Because of the deliberate targeting of Miss Cox and the history between the two women, it must be dealt with at the crown court."

Playboy to feature Rachel Uchitel; topless and backless

First it was because of a common man in their lives! But the feeling of animosity continues to brew in the minds of serial mistress Rachel Uchitel and adult-film star Joslyn James even after the cat is out of the bag and the Tiger is no longer with any of them, at least on records.

Jesse James' 'Bombshell' mistress feels guilty; says sorry to Sandra

Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee, self proclaimed mistress to Sandra Bullock's disgraced husband Jesse James, is sorry for carrying on a torrid 11-month affair with the actress’ hubby.

Jesse James featured in sex tapes?

Sandra Bullock’s husband seemingly had no limit to his sex adventures. Just when it was beginning to appear that the guy has suffered enough public disgrace for his voracious philandering, several sex tapes featuring Jesse James have emerged, adding more to his extensive sex saga.

Another massive blow for Woods, ‘mistress’ releases sex messages

At a time when Tiger Woods was planning his golfing comeback, he suffers another blow as one of his several porn star mistresses posted over 100 raunchy messages on her website Thursday which allegedly came from Woods.

John Edwards and Rielle Hunter “love each other very much”

John Edwards’ mistress Rielle Hunter claims that her relationship with the former presidential candidate is an intense affair, and despite all his denials, they “do love each other very much.”

John Edwards engaged to mistress Rielle Hunter? Rep says noooo

Los Angeles, February 11 -- Rumors ran rampant recently that former presidential candidate, John Edwards, and his mistress, Rielle Hunter, may be getting hitched. But, a rep for the onetime senator has shot down these reports, insisting Edwards is not engaged to Hunter.

Sorry dad, but I am with Jungers

Los Angeles, CA, December 14 -- With each passing day, more skeletons are coming out of Tiger Wood’s cupboard. None of them is going to win admiration for the World Number 1 golfer, though. In fact, each revelation is making Tiger’s sex scandal spicier and is giving food for thought to the gossip mongers.

Adultery stories galore for Tiger Woods

Washington, December 11 -- Fame continues to chase Tiger Woods; for wrong reasons though! Hitherto, fame came by way of professional titles for the World No. 1 golfer, now its woman after woman being added in the ignominious list of females amorously associated with him.

Woods scandal: alleged 'mistress' count 10 now

Los Angeles, December 8 -- The list of Tiger Woods' alleged bedmates continues to grow as two additional women have been linked to the married golf star by the media.