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Michael Lohan

Lindsay allowed day out for Thanksgiving

Lindsay Lohan will be celebrating Thanksgiving with her father and a few friends. This was confirmed when Betty Ford Center allowed her to leave the rehab for 15 hours.

Michael Lohan threatens Lindsay's lawyer

Shawn Chapman Holley, the lawyer who toiled very hard on Friday and was finally after able to secure the release of her client Lindsay Lohan, has been threatened by Michael Lohan, the father of the celebrity.

Lindsay Lohan refutes reports of failed drug test

Lindsay Lohan is still not in the clear. According to reports, the actress failed a court-ordered drug test and might end up back behind the bars for violation of probation. However, Lohan insists she is clean.

Lindsay Lohan admits mistakes, wants her career back

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has launched an improved version of herself. Shortly before being locked up behind the bars, the actress sat for an interview with Vanity Fair, taking all responsibility for the poor choices she made in life and expressing a will to correct them.

LiLo enters rehab ahead of schedule

Lindsay Lohan is learning it the hard way. In a desperate bid to stay out of jail, LiLo has checked herself into a rehab facility--the fourth time in her life--a week before her 90-day jail sentence begins.

Father slams Lindsay’s behavior, mother insists she is “clean”

Lindsay Lohan’s father continues to add to her agony. While the actress is already struggling to come to terms with her 90-days jail sentence, Michael Lohan came out to discuss his daughter’s poor lifestyle choices with the media.

Lindsay’s fate is in Judge Marsha’s hand

As the ‘Mean Girls’ star Lindsay Lohan geared up for her trial today, speculations regarding what’s in store for the currently disheveled actor, were doing the rounds.

Court orders LiLo to keep away from drugs and booze

Lindsay Lohan has been ordered to undergo random drug testing and abstain from taking alcohol, in addition to wearing an alcohol-monitoring bracelet. A Beverly Hills judge found the actress in violation of her probation, and has scheduled another hearing in July to determine further sanctions.

LiLo avoids arrest, for now

Lindsay Lohan does not have to fear an arrest for now. An arrest warrant against the actress was lifted just hours after it was issued on Thursday.

Michael Lohan: "Anywhere Lindsay goes, I'm bringing cops"

Lindsay Lohan’s dad Michael Lohan believes his younger daughter Ali is in danger by living with her older sister. So, he paid a surprise visit to Lindsay’s house Thursday in order to check on Ali and make sure she’s all right.