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Kaspersky: Indian gamers faced 2,07,245 malware attacks this year

Kaspersky Labs always have the habit of updating the world about how and where online hackers and other criminal sources try to target people using the internet. This Russian Company has now revealed a new report that states how hackers lure the online gamers by using a malware that is tailor made to suit their demographic. The report states that gamers who use the PC to play games across the world have faced numerous attacks in 2013 and in India, over 2,07,245 have been attacked.

Attack sites safer!! Google ropes in legit sites for phishing attacks

Surprise! Surprise! It’s the compromised legit sites that are a greater threat than the sites that are actually dangerous states a Google Transparency report. And we always thought differently!

Pro-Syrian group hacks CBS Twitter accounts

News reports state that Hackers used the Twitter accounts of “60 Minutes" and "48 Hours" of CBS news to send bogus and fake messages. As technologies advance so does the threat of cyber crime.

Two U.S. power plants attacked by malware from USB thumbdrives

A small and cute pen drive, if infected, can do more damage than you think

A tiny, unassuming flash drive may appear quite harmless, but things can go awfully wrong if it carries a virus that you would otherwise want to avoid.

Oracle releases patch for Java security vulnerability, but concerns remain

All is still not well with Oracle's Java plugin

Oracle has finally put out an update to fix the security vulnerability, but some concerns remain.

CAUTION! Android vulnerable to harmful malware

IC3 has issued a warning against malware and spyware attack on all Android enabled devices.

Shamoon malware steals and wipes data after corrupting computers

Security specialists have detected a malware that steals files from infected machines, then renders several computers on a network unusable by overwriting their master boot record. They suspect it is being used to target attacks against specific companies.

Android tops in mobile malware -- report

You must be aware that Android is a leader when it comes to smartphones, but did you know that it also tops in mobile malware?

Microsoft marks Chrome as malware, removes browser from Windows PCs

An accidental blunder by Microsoft saw Google Chrome getting removed from the PCs of Windows users.

'Indestructible' botnet infects 4.5 million PCs globally

Security researchers have discovered a sophisticated botnet that has infected millions of computers around the world, according to multiple tabloid reports.