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Comparison of top five web browsers

The question we might be asking ourselves is that, how important is which browser I choose, or do all browsers perform the same, what makes them different?

Angry Birds set for a revamped Star Wars avatar

The Angry Birds franchise is going to get a major makeover as its Star Wars avatar will be here soon.

The Most Disruptive Mac Yet


Myth says that Apple's (Nasdaq: AAPL) competitive advantage is Big Ideas, and that 100% of this advantage flows from CEO Steve Jobs. After this week, anyone who still believes that is at least part ostrich.

Google introduces, a URL shortener

Mountain View, CA, December 15 -- Google has released their own URL shortener called “”, and challenged the supremacy of “” in this field.

Google unveils Chrome beta for Mac, Linux

New York, December 9 -- An year after unveiling Chrome for Windows, Google has released the beta version of its Chrome browser for Mac OS X and Linux.

Snow Leopard launched, response lackluster

New York, August 29: Snow Leopard made its formal appearance Friday and went on sale at Apples retail stores and selected online retailers like Amazon.

Young love rekindled after 85 years

Arlington Heights, Ill. -- A 93-year-old Illinois man says he is marrying his third-grade sweetheart after 85 years apart.

Roland "Mac" McKitrick, 93, of Arlington Heights, proposed to Lorraine Beatty, 92, of Georgia, Tuesday morning, about three years after they reconnected following an 85-year lull in their friendship, the Arlington Heights Daily Herald reported Thursday.

"She was my third-grade sweetheart back in 1921," McKitrick said. "We knew each other for about one year. Then, for all practical purposes, we lost contact for 85 years."

However, McKitrick said both he and Beatty had brothers living in Connecticut who became friends, and the two reunited through their brothers.