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Jolie wins back the permission to shoot in Bosnia

Angelina Jolie has succeeded in winning back the permit to film her directorial debut in Bosnia. Sarajevo authorities had withdrawn the movie’s shooting permit last week owing to some concerns over its alleged content.

Intense love can relieve pain without medicine--study

Love can act as a healing agent as a recent study by U.S. researchers, published online in the journal PLoS ONE states that love is effective in reducing chronic pain.

Jesse James is “The One” for Kat Von D, she says

Jesse James has gotten over Sandra Bullock. The biker is now dating Kat Von D, she confirmed on Thursday.

Chinese Web site: Don't flaunt your love

Beijing -- Forget the hearts and flowers and keep your love-happy selves to yourself, says a Chinese Web site whose founders oppose Chinese Valentine's Day.

The site went online Monday ahead of the Aug. 16 Chinese Valentine's Day, or Qixi Festival, China Daily reported.

"Qixi Festival is approaching," the site says. "Lovers, could you please not show off your happiness? There are single people. Could you please be considerate to them?"

An organizer told China Daily that she is tired of hearing about the festival, so she asked Web users to protest.

Some expressed anger over lovers and proposed ways to split up couples such as walking between hand-holding couples in the streets.

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem get hitched

Hollywood's longtime couple Penelope Cruz and are officially husband and wife.

Mena Suvari gets hitched in a romantic ceremony in Italy

American Pie actress Mena Suvari got married to concert producer Simone Sestito in a private church in Vatican City, Italy, on Saturday.

Crawford cast in 'Peace, Love' film

New York -- Actor Chace Crawford has joined the cast of director Bruce Beresford's "Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding," set to film in New York's Hudson Valley.

Jane Fonda and Catherine Keener co-star in the BCDF Pictures production.

"Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding" is about Diane, an uptight New York City lawyer in desperate need of an escape after her husband asks for a divorce, a synopsis of the film said.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon get married, again!

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon took their wedding vows for the third time in two years. In celebration of their second wedding anniversary, the couple replenished their married lives with a third marriage ceremony.

Type O Negative frontman Peter Steele dies

Peter Steele, the lead singer, bassist, and composer for the gothic metal band Type O Negative, has died of apparent heart failure at age 48.

No ninth marriage for Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor has squashed reports of her engagement to her manager, Jason Winters. Two days after the web world went abuzz with reports of Taylor’s plans to walk down the aisle for a ninth time, the screen icon has refuted the rumor.