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leaking oil

BP to proceed with relief well for a permanent fix

After Herculean efforts spread over more than three months, BP Plc has finally succeeded in plugging the busted well, stopping the oil from leaking into the water.

Oil spill to have long term impact

After over 3 months of intense struggle trying to stem the spewing oil in the Gulf of Mexico, BP has finally succeeded.

Debris delays initiation of ‘static kill’

The ‘static kill’ process, which entails pumping mud and cement into the busted well to stem the oil from leaking, is expected to start late Monday night or Tuesday.

'Scale back' in clean up operation initiated as slick recedes

It has taken some time and indefatigable effort from all concerned to reach a stage where the discernible oil slick on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico is, thankfully, conspicuous by its absence.

Storm 'Bonnie' threatens to halt work in the Gulf

The approach of a major storm on Saturday has led BP Plc, owner of the ruptured well in the Gulf of Mexico, to temporarily halt efforts to plug the spewing oil.

Dark clouds hover over relief efforts in Gulf

The weather has played spoilsport again in the Gulf of Mexico. Work on efforts to plug the busted well had to be put on hold as climatic conditions deteriorated in the eastern Caribbean.

'Static kill' idea mooted to stop the leak

The federal government has allowed the cap which is stopping the gushing oil in the Gulf of Mexico to remain closed for now.

Apprehensions mount again as oil seep is detected in Gulf

Engineers monitoring BP Plc’s newly capped well have detected oil seeping from the seafloor near the Deepwater Horizon. The scientists have also found "undetermined anomalies" near the unstable wellhead.

Well integrity test extended till Sunday afternoon

The federal government and BP Plc are taking no chances when it comes to gauging the efficacy of the newly installed 150,000-pound cap atop the busted well in the Gulf of Mexico.

BP gets go ahead from government to start pressure test

BP Plc has got the go ahead from the federal government to pressure test the latest containment system that it has installed on the ruptured well in the Gulf of Mexico.