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Suit: Police violated finger free speech

Clackamas, Ore. -- An Oregon man's lawsuit against Clackamas County sheriff's deputies claims his First Amendment rights to display his middle finger were violated.

Robert Ekas, 46, said flipping the bird to sheriff's deputies in 2007 led to multiple verbal showdowns with deputies as well as traffic violations that the federal suit claims were retaliation for his silent, one-fingered statements, The (Portland) Oregonian reported Monday.

"I did it because I have the right to do it," Ekas said. "We all have that right, and we all need to test it. Otherwise we'll lose it."

PETA drops Tiger Woods from billboard mockery

People for the ethical treatment of animals (PETA) has dropped plans to put up Tiger Woods’ image on their new billboard campaign. The animal birth control campaign that mocked at the golf-pro was withdrawn after PETA spoke with Woods’ attorneys, who had reportedly been preparing to file a lawsuit against them.

Couple sue over wedding reception heat

New York -- A New York couple's lawsuit against the venue that hosted their wedding reception alleges their special day was ruined by jungle-like temperatures.

Michael Dvorkin and Ambre Brandis said a broken air conditioner at the site, 632 on Hudson, caused temperatures to rise above 100 degrees during the June 2008 event, the New York Post reported Friday.

"Mr. Dvorkin and Ms. Brandis do not keep a public wedding album (because) everybody ... has red and puffy faces, and their clothes are wet," the suit states.

Papers filed by attorneys for the couple said they "found the conditions almost unbearably hot."

50 Cent features in sex tape of Rick Ross' ex ; gets sued

U.S. rapper 50 Cent is being sued by a Florida woman who claims he edited and posted her private sex video on his Web site without her consent, according to multiple tabloid reports.

Student slaps Google Buzz with privacy lawsuit

Harnessing its core Internet capabilities, Google Inc. launched ‘Buzz’ a few days back to challenge Facebook, and Twitter and emerge as a big player in the social networking technology. But the Internet search giant’s social media feature, at least till now, has failed to impress majority of the users.

Ruling allows student suspended for Facebook hate page to file lawsuit

Katherine Evans, a student from Florida who was reprimanded for creating a Facebook page against her teacher, can continue her lawsuit against the principal of her former school, according to a ruling by a federal judge.

Ford faces class-action lawsuit

Windsor, Ontario -- A Canadian judge has granted class-action status to a lawsuit filed by employees against Ford Motor Co. for failing to add a work shift at an assembly plant.

Ford had decided in April 2008 to add a third shift at its Oakville, Ontario, factory, the suit says, but then changed its mind and canceled the additional work just before the scheduled start date of July 28, 2008.

Plaintiffs Gabriel Levesque, Brenda Austin and Mathew Beltrano claim many who were signed up for the work quit other jobs before they realized Ford was not going to follow through with the hiring.

The lawsuit says Ford claimed a downturn in the market forced cancellation of the planned third shift, the Windsor (Ontario) Star reported Monday.

Hawaiian bird deaths may trigger lawsuit

Lihue, Hawaii -- Four Hawaiian organizations and the American Bird Conservancy say they might file a lawsuit over the continuing deaths of rare native seabirds.

The organizations, including the Conservation Council for Hawaii and the Center for Biological Diversity, all represented by the public interest environmental law firm Earthjustice, say they sent notice to the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative that its refusal to implement measures to protect Hawaiian petrels and Newell's shearwaters from fatal collisions with its power lines violates the Endangered Species Act.

How to Kill a Great Stock

Financial publisher Value Line (Nasdaq: VALU) used to be a proud, successful business. But lately, the company is more like a punch line to a sad joke.

Edwards’ mistress seeks control over sex tape

Washington, January 30 -- John Edwards may try to stay out of the public eye, but scandals involving him continue to make fodder for conversation.