Money Matters - Simplified


Bezos takes the onus of turning around Washington Post

There is a lot of buzz in the technology and media industry with experts and amateurs making conjectures on how the e-commerce genius Jeff Bezos will turnaround the present day loss making Washington Post into a money churner.

iPad Mini popularity causes drop in production of regular iPad screens

Despite lacking a Retina display, the iPad Mini has created a niche for itself

According to a report published by Reuters, demand for the iPad Mini is so overwhelming that Sharp has had to cut down the production of regular iPad screens.

Amazon creates a music store tailor-made for iPhone and iPod Touch

The new web store makes song purchases possible through Apple devices

Amazon has launched a music store specifically for users of the iPhone and iPod Touch, where they can make music purchases from the Amazon store.

Purchased an audio CD from Amazon in 1998? Get a digital version free!

Amazon's new music service should boost sales of physical CDs

Amazon has added a bold new twist to its music store, offering customers free digital versions of audio CDs that they have purchased as far back as 1998.

3 million iPads sold in first weekend!

3 million iPads sold in first weekend!

Experts have predicted the sales to go even higher.

Rumored 'Kindle' new TV series from Amazon soon!

Rumored 'Kindle' new TV series from Amazon soon!

Buzz has it that Amazon may soon launch its first TV musical comedy series by the year end.

Weekly tech review: Microsoft 'Surfaced' all attention

A busy week of product launches, tech events, updates declaration, Oct 22 -Oct 28 2012 had participation from Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google and others.

Kindle HD on 'Fire'

Amazon Kindle has revealed record breaking sales for its two models Kindle and Kindle HD

Amazon wil refund amounts on E books purchase

The antitrust settlements will allow the users to get credit amount for the e-books purchased between April 1, 2010 and May 21, 2012.