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Jets coach Ryan needles twin on Browns

New York -- New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan had some fun at the expense of his twin brother, Cleveland defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, at a press conference Wednesday.

Rex Ryan and Jets were preparing to take on Cleveland Sunday, and in honor of the presence of his brother, Ryan impersonated his twin and rival, wearing a get-up that including a pillow stuffed underneath a Browns T-shirt, The (Newark, N.J.) Star-Ledger reported.

The Jets boss also wore a Browns hat with long, curly hair affixed to it.

CO2 seen driving comet's 'jets'

College Park, Md. -- NASA's close encounter with comet Hartley 2 found dry ice is the fuel for jets of gas and dust bursting from the comet's surface, U.S. researchers say.

Images from the University of Maryland-led EPOXI mission flyby show spectacular jets of gas and particles shooting from many distinct spots on the surface of the comet, a university release said Wednesday.

Spectral analysis of the materials coming from the jets shows primarily CO2 gas (carbon dioxide) and particles of dust and ice, researchers said.

"Previously it was thought that water vapor from water ice was the propulsive force behind jets of material coming off of the body, or nucleus, of the comet," UM astronomy professor Jessica Sunshine said.