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Nokia takes a jab at Apple's iPhone 5

With the holiday season just around the corner, the multi cornered contest between mobile companies is getting hotter with every passing day! Nokia is the latest to fire a salvo at Apple!

Glitch keeps iCloud storage at 25GB until 2050

If you are an Apple iPhone worshiper then the futuristic iCloud service must have caught your fancy. This cloud computing and storage service assists the users in saving data on remote server which can later be easily downloaded running iOS and later versions.

FIFA Soccer 13 for iOS Review

Ardent gaming fan and a proud iPhone or iPad owners, FIFA Soccer 13 for iOS is finally here and that too with a bang!

Foxconn re-opens plant after Sunday brawl

Production has resumed at a Foxconn factory in the northern Chinese city of Taiyuan after rioting by employees on Sunday night forced the establishment to close.

Smartphone apps to download before your next trip

Smart phone apps have become the perfect tools for travelers

Smart phones have become an integral part of our day to day lives and it is hard to imagine a world without them. Hence, it comes as no surprise that these gadgets are reliable companions when we embark on our sojourn to exotic destinations.

There are numerous travel apps on smart phones which make maps and travel books appear like extra ba

Good old Google maps app better than Apple's new app

Apple's plans to replace the good old Google maps app in the iPhone seem to have proved to be a dud. On the other hand, tech giant Google further confirmed that it will update the Google maps app for the Androids making cross-synchronization possible along with some other features.

Will the iPhone bandwagon stop, ever?

Apple iPhone 5

Apple's much anticipated launch of iPhone 5 has generated a tremendous buzz across the globe!

How to check if your UDID was released during Antisec Apple Hack

AntiSec hacks FBI systems and steals UDIDs of Apple users

A word of caution for proud owners of Apple devices! Your information is not safe from hackers and chances are that your secret UDID has already been compromised.