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Not able to access Hotmail on your smartphone? You're not alone

Microsoft has gone with a clean and minimalist look for Outlook mail

If you have been experiencing problems in getting access to your Hotmail or Outlook email account, you are not alone.

Sony showcases a new smartphone which can survive under water

Sony Xperia Z - Is this the new iPhone-killer?

A powerful new smartphone is in the pipeline from Sony, and it might just be the iPhone-killer that you've been waiting for.

A cheaper, smaller iPhone hitting next year?

Is Apple planning to debut iPhone 5's smaller brother?

With Samsung clearly taking a global lead in the smartphone market, can we expect Apple to come out with a smaller iPhone to combat Samsung's dominance?

Apps update: best iOS apps for the season

Checkout the following exciting iOS apps

Samsung and Apple add more disputed gadgets to combat each other in court

The two largest smartphone selling companies continue to take a dig at each other by strengthening their own possibilities to combat the court trial

Apple to suspend its Message Beta services from December 14

The new move has been confirmed in an email alert discharged by the company to all app users

Galaxy S3 beats the iPhone to be the best-selling smartphone worldwide

iPhone 5 is likely to change the game in the next quarter

Samsung seems to have nailed it with the Galaxy S3 smartphone.

Data revealed by a research firm show that Galaxy S3 sales surpassed those of Apple’s iPhone in the third quarter, making S3 the best-selling smartphone of the quarter.

Apps update: iPhone apps making news

 iPhone apps making news

From fetching bikini photos from the Facebook, managing your expenses and even keeping you aware of your legal rights, these smartphone apps have registered record downlaods

Weekly tech review: Microsoft 'Surfaced' all attention

A busy week of product launches, tech events, updates declaration, Oct 22 -Oct 28 2012 had participation from Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google and others.

iphone 5 all set to launch in India

The most popular smartphone will be made available on 2nd November for India