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iPad 2

Apple could ring the death knell of iPad 2

iPad 2 could face the axe to make way for iPad Mini

Apple might just begin putting iPad 2 out of the market if analysts are to be believed.

iPad 3 rumored to hit markets by early 2012

According to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report, Apple is gearing to launch its new iPad 3 near the beginning of next year, and will be manufacturing its first iPad 3 in October.

If this report is anything to go by, the technology giant might stick to the release dates when it l

Beijing iPad feud: Apple compensates injured customer

US high-tech giant Apple Inc. has settled its Beijing iPad brawl out of the court by paying hefty money to a customer who had sustained injuries during a bloody altercation that broke out over the weekend between a foreign Apple employee and the customers lined up to buy the iPad 2 at Beijing's flagship Apple retail store.

Apple's iPad 2 launch results in feud at Beijing retail store

Internet is ablaze with reports from Beijing, China stating that a near-bloody altercation broke out among crowds lined up to buy the iPad 2 at Beijing's flagship Apple retail store.

iPad 2 is number 1 tablet--Consumer Reports

A rating of tablets done by Consumer Reports has given the iPad 2 the top spot in the best tablets list.

NYC collegian sells No.1 spot in iPad 2 line for $900

College students are often cash strapped but who thinks of making money like this? Amanda Foote, a New York City college student, thought out of the box and used the iPad 2 hype to rake in good money.