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Go grab an anti-bacterial phone case to keep your iPhone germ-free

Are you a person who has an abnormal fear of dirt or germs? Do you feel compelled to sanitize your mobile phone with an alcohol swab excessively or carry your handheld device in a ziplock bag to save it from pathogens? Well, now its time to get freedom from your pathological fear of dirt and contamination!

Will Microsoft and Nokia Agreement of $7.2 billion be profitable?

The Finnish multinational company,Nokia Oyj, has wrapped up its handset business that it once ruled and dominated. Recent updates from the company's arena is that Microsoft Corp. is in a deal with Nokia to buy NOK1V's handset business for 5.44 billion euros ($7.2 billion).

Apple acquires Passif Semiconductor

Apple Inc, which manufactures immensely popular gadgets like the iPhone and the iPad, has reportedly purchased Passif Semiconductor, the maker of low-power wireless communications chips.

Apple Inc sees 400 % sales growth in India

Even as Apple Inc has seen a slump in recent times, the 400 per cent up sales figure in India are a refreshing change for the technology major.

British women now own nation’s most tablet computers

A trend reversal from last year, women in Britain now own more tablet computers than by men, an Internet market research firm has found.

Microsoft Office for iPad: Word tops free Apps chart

Microsoft announced Thursday that it has started offering the Office suite for Apple’s iPad. The US technology titan has customized the Word, Excel and Powerpoint Apps for Apple’s iPad. What’s more, the Office software suite is now available for free for the iPad users!

Tablet prices tumult? HP, Amazon in cut-throat competition

It’s a tablet war out there, folks! Watch out for those falling prices and a flood of new tablets and devices flushing the markets. Amazon slashes its prices, so we think it’s time to head out straight to the stores for some tablet purchases.

Trade Agency calls Apple infringer!! Samsung beams at iPhone, iPad ban

Silicon Valley giant, Apple, faces a tech setback!! Samsung may have turned out the winner in the long standing conflict with Apple. The electronic company has scored a win over Apple, in the mobile device patents, and will soon see some favorite Apple products getting banned!!

Are Cheaper, smarter, better smartphones a threat to Apple?

With newer cheaper and smarter phones available in the market these days, is Apple loosing its Midas's touch? Looking at the numbers released by the research firm IDC, its certain that Apple has total control over the tablet market, however looking at the figures closely by other leading tablet makers, Apple may be a raising some serious doubts amongst consumers.

Apple disappoints! Tim Cook squashes rumors of new releases this year

Sorry folks! This year Apple may disappoint you. No new Apple hardware, software or other services might be up for release this time.