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Personal Finance: Best 10 Ways To Earn Money On The Internet

With the foray of internet, about 80% of the world’s population seem to use it to earn money. This sophisticated technology has given good enough reasons to rake in money using it as a medium of communication. With thousands of people already making money, you can also join the gang and earn some hot cash. There are numerous ways through which you can earn good amount of money either full-time or part time.

No more ‘link’ clicks to check videos! Twitter changes its ‘Feed’ tune

Twitter ready to rival Facebook, is that so? Twitter has also decided to get revolutionary and will be showcasing videos and photos along with its 140 character messages. Is this the latest Twitter offering as the company is all ready for “stock selling” to the public?

Google invents uProxy to tackle crackdown on Internet autonomy

Internet search engine behemoth Google has revolutionized the way people access information. It has been instrumental in making the entire world a well connect small little digital world.

Bezos takes the onus of turning around Washington Post

There is a lot of buzz in the technology and media industry with experts and amateurs making conjectures on how the e-commerce genius Jeff Bezos will turnaround the present day loss making Washington Post into a money churner.

Tally of Internet Users in South Africa touches 14 Million

The penchant for Internet is slowly but surely increasing amongst the people of South Africa.

Deadly 'Beebone' computer virus stalks Indian Cyberspace

The Indian Cyberspace is under threat? Internet security sleuths are urging the internet users to protect their systems against a deadly new variant of a computer malware called the “Beebone” computer virus.

Internet speed to get doubled, courtesy Cisco

How many time shave you complained about slow internet? Chances are, almost always.

Well, that won't be the case any time soon.

Cisco recently shared their plans of doubling internet speed in the near future. The tech company came up with this solution to enable wireless carriers and internet search providers to manage the in-demand need for video streams, social networks, and app downloads.

New Specifications

The new core router technology, known as "CRS-X," will provide speeds of 400 Gigabits per second -- and that's just for one slot on the router's rack. Each rack is scalable up to 6.4 Terabits per second, and the entire CRS-X system is capable of nearly 1 Petabit per second if multiple racks are set up in tandem.

That is insanely fast ; double anything that currently exists on the market.

A single CRS-X rack will be able to provide streaming HD video to every New
Yorker simultaneously, Cisco claims. A full, multichassis setup is capable of downloading the entire printed collection of the Library of Congress in a split second and can stream every movie ever created in about a minute.

Core routers sit at the epicenter of the Internet, serving as the traffic cops at the biggest intersections on the busiest data highways. They connect visitors' requests to sites like Google , Netflix and Facebook and they send data back to the right place in return.

They're a crucial part of the Internet backbone, and one that Cisco has a comfortable lead in. Cisco has 750 CRS customers, selling 10,000 systems to date, and it commands a roughly 65% share of the core routing market. That's more than double No. 2 Juniper's (JNPR) share.

The Future

Cisco says the CRS-X will help customers prepare for the "Internet of Everything," a much-discussed (but yet-to-arrive) world in which household items, cars and even clothing will connect to the Internet. Instead of connecting 4 million devices simultaneously, carriers and ISPs may soon need to connect 40 million items at the same time.

Though the CRS-X won't go on sale until the fall or even begin shipping until
the end of 2013, customers are already saying they're impressed. Mike Haberman, vice president of network operations at Verizon (VZ, Fortune 500) Wireless said the new CRS system will help the nation's largest wireless provider meet its service demands "well into the future."

If Internet traffic is going to triple over the next five years, as Cisco predicts, we're gonna need a bigger boat.

Well, thank you Cisco! S7JTV3JR9ZS6

Scrutinize your Gmail account value with Cloudsweeper app

Planning to find out the value of your Gmail account? We have the right answer for you here! Gmail account users can now have an insight into how important the information on their accounts, is, for the hacker community and the law enforcement officers. New apps have been developed by researchers from two universities, to cater to this.

Vodafone launches fastest 3G internet dongle in India

The technology is witnessing a sharp radicalization especially in the profound world of cyberspace. Vodafone India too hasn’t missed any chance to showcase its presence in the internet market. On Monday, Vodafone India launched the K4201 which is apparently India’s fastest 3G dongle priced at Rs. 999.

Social media overload? Internet users plead “vacation”

We are fed up!! Very soon we may hear these words from the irked internet social media users. A US study reveals that there is a social media overload on more than 50 percent of internet users and they do ponder over taking a vacation or may have already taken one to take a “social networking” break.