Money Matters - Simplified


IBM Settles Matters with the US Justice Department

IBM has come across an allegation that has been leveled against its recruitment procedure. IBM has been asked to pay $44,400 for the same. IBM has not commented on the matter till now as no one from the company was available outside the regular U.S. business hours.

Google takes the cake!! Offers best salaries to software engineers

Google is best for software engineers this year as far as salaries are concerned, found a new report mentioned in Glassdoor – a premier jobs and career website. Google offers a good pay scale for software engineers and excitedly welcomes them aboard.

IBM's supercomputer 'Sequoia' overtakes Japan's 'Fujitsu' as world's fastest

The crown of the world’s fastest supercomputer now rests with IBM's latest supercomputer, 'Sequoia'. It has taken its position in the TOP500 List after achieving 16.32 petaflops. That was enough to beat Japan's Fujitsu built supercomputer. Thus for the first time in over two years the US has topped the fastest supercomputer rankings.

Facebook Reportedly Buys 750 IBM Patents

Aiming to improve its intellectual property to fend off allegations of patent infringements, Facebook Inc. is said to have acquired patents from International Business Machines(IBM), one of the top patent holders in the US.

New IBM computer chip imitates human brain

Soon, computers will begin to think like humans. Researchers at IBM on Thursday unveiled silicon microchips that they claim can emulate the brain's abilities for perception, action and cognition.

Google buys over 1000 IBM patents

In a move that could trigger an intellectual-property arms race in the tech sector, search giant Google reportedly bought more than 1,000 technology patents from IBM.

IBM to unveil next-gen memory

In what may be a path breaking innovation in the domain of storage devices, International Business Machines (IBM) Corp. announced that it has developed phase-change memory (PCM), a technology that will help store data more reliably and for longer periods of time.

IBM turns 100

Out of the 5000 publicly traded companies, only 486 have completed 100 years. Furthermore there are only 23 private firms in US that are 100 years old.

Apple, Facebook use 'dirty' energy--Greenpeace report

Have you ever imagined the amount of pollution generated while you are online?

25 Historic Technology Predictions

It's the end of the year and you won't be able to escape a wave of technology predictions for next year. Most of them seem to fairly reasonable, but they aren't quite as aggressive and entertaining anymore as they were in the past. Here are our 25 favorite technology predictions that were not exactly true.