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Ford to roll out C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid next year

General Motors' Chevrolet Volt’s competitor will soon be soon zooming on the U.S. roads. The van-like compact car named C-Max Energi is currently being developed by Ford Motor Company.

Hybrid or Electric: Debate over Volt rages

A month before it goes on sale, General Motors Co.’s low-emission Chevrolet Volt finds itself in the midst of a controversy.

Expert: 'Chupacabra' a coyote-dog hybrid

Cresson, Texas -- A Texas animal control officer said a hairless creature that sparked chupacabra rumors was a canine-coyote hybrid with mange.

Cresson code enforcement officer Johnny Collins said he spotted the animal enter a barn July 7 and called Frank Hackett, Hood County animal control officer, who shot the animal when it appeared to be preparing to attack, the Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram reported Wednesday.

Collins, a member of the Texas State Guard, said he showed pictures his colleagues during a drill and they identified the beast as a "chupacabra," a mythical Mexican beast purported to suck the blood from goats and other animals.

Detroit auto show 2010 begins today

Detroit, January 11 -- The much awaited annual Detroit auto show is starting today. The show, which will be premiering a bunch of 60 new car models at the Cobo Centre, Michigan, is also known as the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS).

Toyota's Hybrid Car Cares

As people become more aware and conscious of environmental issues, Toyota, to put in its mite, has launched a model that takes extra care of the environment.

The Japanese company launched its new model Sai Hybrid Sedan this month.

The Sai, which was recently launched in Japan, will be introduced to the rest of the world after 2010. It is known to be one of the best hybrid cars of all times.