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Hurricane Katrina

Sandra Bullock really happy with her “Cajun cookie”

Sandra Bullock refuses to bow down to life’s troubles. When the entire world was expressing sympathy for the actress after exposure of her husband Jesse James’ dirty sex secrets outside marriage, Bullock was busy trying to find joys elsewhere.

Katrina led to onshore petroleum releases

Arlington, Va. -- A National Science Foundation-funded study suggests Hurricane Katrina caused more than 200 onshore releases of hazardous materials along the Gulf Coast.

The researchers -- including Nicholas Santella and Laura Steinberg of Syracuse University and Hatice Sengul of the Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council -- said they used data from the U.S. Coast Guard's National Response Center Incident Reporting Information System.

They said they found about 8 million gallons of petroleum releases were reported as a result of Katrina hitting the U.S. Gulf Coast in 2005 -- mostly due to storage tank failure and the restart of production processes.

Brad Pitt honored for his humanitarian efforts

New York, September 25 -- Brad Pitt has received another honor, but this time, it’s not for his acting skills. The award-winning actor was recognized for his humanitarian work in restoring homes for the victims of hurricane Katrina.

Man, dog reunited 4 years after Katrina

New Orleans -- A New Orleans man, separated from his dog during Hurricane Katrina evacuations, says he has been reunited with his beloved pet after four years.

Jessie Pullins said he was heartbroken when he couldn't take his dog J.J. with him when he evacuated his house in 2005, WWL-TV, New Orleans, reported Tuesday.

"I made adequate provisions in the back part of my house in elevated area, and when I left I though I would be back in a day, maybe two," Pullins said.

"But unfortunately we were not allowed to come back in for several weeks."

An animal rescue group saved J.J. from the home, but despite noting the address he was taken from, the dog was shuffled between different animal groups before he was put up for adoption in California.