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heart attacks

A healthy heart maybe just a smartphone away!

Imagine a smartphone that can transform into medical equipment, helping to diagnose cardio problems and ease the fears of countless hypochondriacs!! A new smartphone may soon alter the way we manage healthcare by cautioning us of a looming heart attack.

Air pollution a major cause of heart attack--study

Air pollution, especially inhaling the ultra fine particles of traffic fumes raise cardiovascular risks and triggers more heart attacks than alcohol, drugs or physical exertion, claims an intriguing new study.

New surgical procedure effective in lowering blood pressure--study

A new procedure that regulates blood pressure by destroying certain nerves in the kidney could significantly cut the risk of future strokes and heart attacks in thousands suffering from the condition, claims a new study.

Patients delay treatment for over 2 hours after heart attack--study

Though early treatment of cardiovascular problems is associated with improved outcomes in patients, majority of the people with symptoms of a heart attack still wait more than two hours before seeking timely medical care, claims a new study.

Abbott Laboratories' device 'MitraClip' safer than open heart surgery

A new study has claimed that MitraClips are safer and more efficient than open heart surgeries for heart-valve repairs.

Public smoking bans reduce heart attack rates

Chicago, September 22:Ban on smoking in public places could significantly reduce the risk of heart attacks, according to two new analysis of smoke-free laws in the USA, Canada and Europe.

Grapes lower BP, may also prevent heart attacks

Washington, April 23: Can a grape-enriched diet arrest the downhill sequence of heart failure after years of high blood pressure (BP)?

A University of Michigan Cardiovascular Centre study suggests grapes may prevent heart risks beyond the simple BP-lowering impact that can come from a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

The benefits may be the result of the phytochemicals - naturally occurring antioxidants - turning on a protective process in the genes that reduces damage to the heart muscle.

The researchers studied the effect of regular table grapes (a blend of green, red and black grapes) that were mixed into the rat diet in a powdered form, as part of either a high or low-salt diet.

Hurricane Katrina still causing heart attacks

New Orleans, March27:
Nearly three and a half years since Hurricane Katrina brought in its wake devastation, the tragic aftermath of the powerful storm may still be causing heart attacks.

Most Americans consume too much salt: CDC

Atlanta, Georgia, March 27: Most Americans consume far more than the recommended amount of salt, elevating their risk of developing high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases, including heart attacks and strokes, according to a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study.

10 genes causing heart attack found

Chicago, March 22: An additional member to the club of likely causes that can trigger a heart attacks is now the human gene.