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Artificial pancreas trial successful in 11 Type 1 diabetes patients

American researchers announced on Wednesday that in the first human trial of an artificial pancreas that watches sugar levels carefully and delivers both insulin and regulatory hormone called glucagon, the device helped about a dozen people with type 1 diabetes achieve near-normal blood sugar levels for at least 24 hours.

Diet rich in fish, nuts, fruit slashes Alzheimer's risk

A recent American study found that including diet rich in veggies, fruits, fish, and nuts slashes the chance of developing Alzheimer's, a most common form of dementia among older people.

Packaged foods harmful for women with heart disease

Females with heart diseases should avoid eating packed food as they are one of the major sources of trans fat, which could be harmful for such women, says a latest study.

Non-melanoma skin cancer 'epidemic' in US--study

A large number of Americans are thought to be suffering from non-melanoma skin cancer, the country's most common form of cancer, but the exact number is not known. However, according to recent estimates, more than 3.5 million were treated for non-melanoma skin cancer in 2006, affecting 2.1 million people.

Foodborne illnesses cost $152B per year--study

Foodborne illnesses, one of the top most health problems in the nation causes $152 billions per year or $1850 per illness, according to a report by the U.S. Food And Drug Administration (FDA).

Medical examination finds Obama ‘fit for duty’

Barack Obama, who underwent his first physical fitness examination since becoming the president of the United States, came out with good results except for minor concerns regarding his smoking habit and cholesterol levels.

Japanese Finance Minister hospitalized

Tokyo, December 28 -- Japanese Finance Minister Hirohisa Fujii was admitted to hospital early Monday, as he was exhausted due to weeks of hard work compiling the national budget for fiscal year 2010.

Single dose of anti-swine flu vaccine enough for kids: Study

Melbourne, Australia, December 22 -- A new study from Australia has proposed that a single dose (15mg) of the anti-swine flu vaccine can provide effective resistance against the pandemic disease among infants and children.

When you eat as important as what you eat

La Jolla, Calif. -- U.S. researchers say they've determined when people eat might be just as vital to their health as what they eat.

Scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies say experiments with mice revealed the daily waxing and waning of genes in the liver is mostly controlled by food intake and not by the body's circadian clock, as conventional wisdom had it.

"If feeding time determines the activity of a large number of genes completely independent of the circadian clock, when you eat and fast each day will have a huge impact on your metabolism," said Assistant Professor Satchidananda Panda, who led the research.

Are cell phones safe? Researchers gather to find the answer

Washington, September 14 -- Whether cell phones are dangerous for our health or not has been a question of debate for scientists. Almost 600 studies have been done so far to determine the effects of cell phones on the health, but every time contradictory results have come up.