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Cereal breakfast makes for a healthy day--study

A bowl of cereal with milk is the best and the healthiest breakfast choice, states a new study.

Ad says Vodka has health benefits

Samara, Russia -- Russian regulators in the Samara region said they are taking action against an advertising firm for promoting vodka as a drink with health benefits.

The Federal Anti-monopoly Service for Samara said an online advertisement by the Direct Line firm also lacked mandatory warnings about health risks associated with alcohol abuse, RIA Novosti reported Monday.

"(Vodka) improves digestion, and helps get rid of colds and headache," the advertisement said.

It also said the liquor "alleviates fatigue and bad moods," the FAS said.
The agency did not specify the action being taken against Direct Line.

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Replace white rice with brown rice to prevent diabetes

Those whose diet includes rice need to watch out for the type of rice they eat to avoid the risk of developing diabetes.

FDA warns 17 food makers over misleading nutrition claims

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued warning for food manufacturers who are making false and misleading statements about nutrition and health benefits on their product packaging.

Green tea may help fight eye ailments

Green tea has shown several health benefits in previous researches, such as fighting heart disease and cancer. Now a new study adds one more to them- Protection against eye diseases.

Study: Chocolate beneficial for heart health

Los Angeles, August 14:Here’s good news for chocolate lovers. Eating chocolate twice or more a week can significantly reduce the risk of dying from heart disease in heart attack survivors, a new research has found.

Study: Organic food no healthier and nutritious than ordinary food

Los Angeles, July 30: Eating organic food can do no wonders for the human health, a major review of research findings over 50 years has signaled Wednesday. Organic food has no nutritional or health benefits over conventionally produced foods, the review has suggested.