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Key to happiness: stay focused

Staying focused can keep one happy as a new study published in ‘Science' states that people are happier when they are completely involved in their work, compared to when their mind is always wondering while performing a task.

Harvard study finds obesity contagious

People in contact with Obese people rea t a higher risk of becoming obese

A recent Harvard study has predicted that obesity figures in America are likely to reach 42 percent before stabilising.

Harvard loses $1.8B in operating cash

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Oct. 17 -- Harvard University, one of the richest and most prestigious U.S. educational institutions, confirms it lost almost $2 billion gambling with its operating fund.

The loss was revealed in Harvard's annual report on the fiscal year that ended June 30, The Boston Globe said. The report was released Friday.

The university said a large portion of its operating cash was handed over to Harvard Management Co., which handles the endowment. The total value of the endowment dropped 27 percent in the last fiscal year.