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Happy Meal

Experts ask McDonald's to stop selling junk food to kids

In a campaign spearheaded by Corporate Accountability International, a non profit watchdog group, a letter signed by 550 organizations and health professionals, has been issued to McDonald's, urging the fast food giant to stop offering foods high in sodium, fat, sugar and calories to kids.

McDonald’s faces lawsuit for luring kids with Happy Meal toys

Hamburger giant McDonald's Corp. has been sued by the 'Center for Science in the Public Interest' for luring children into eating harmful junk through Happy Meal toys.

McDonald’s happy meals toys slammed by consumer group

The immensely popular Happy Meal scheme from Mc Donald’s is being viewed by a U.S. consumer group with a puckered brow.

Consumer group to sue McDonald's over Happy Meals toys

McDonald's Happy Meal toys to tempt children into its restaurants have not found favor with a U.S. consumer group.