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Report: Eva Longoria not adopting

Los Angeles -- U.S. television actress Eva Longoria is not adopting a child from Haiti, contrary to reports claiming she is, a source told Monday.

The "Desperate Housewives" star recently announced she is divorcing Tony Parker, her husband of three years.

Longoria, 35, has accused Parker, 28, of infidelity.

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Sick airline passenger suspected to be suffering from cholera

The officials of American Airlines have confirmed that there was a suspected cholera patient on flight 778 arriving from Dominican Republic at Miami on Thanksgiving night.

Scientist warns of mass Haiti extinctions

University Park, Pa. -- A U.S. biologist says Haiti is on the brink of experiencing mass extinctions like the times when dinosaurs and other species suddenly disappeared from Earth.

Penn State biology Professor Blair Hedges says captive breeding, gene preservation and other species-rescue programs are needed for Haiti's threatened frogs and other species, a university release said.

"During the next few decades, many Haitian species of plants and animals will become extinct because the forests where they live, which originally covered the entire country, are nearly gone," Hedges said.

Another earthquake may jolt Haiti--geologists

Problems don't seem to be nearing end for the disaster wrecked Haiti. After the Jan. 12 earthquake, and the recent cholera epidemic, another devastation may be in the offing.

Haiti struggles against cholera epidemic

Despite efforts made by government and international aid groups, the cholera epidemic, which was detected last week in Haiti, is showing no signs of receding.

Cholera epidemic slows down in Haiti, fear still lingers

Haitian and international health authorities warned they were still preparing for cholera outbreak. Though there are encouraging signs of drop in disease's lethality, cholera is likely spread further before it is curbed completely.

Haiti said at risk of another earthquake

Miami -- Haiti's January earthquake may not have relieved stresses on the main earthquake fault there, leaving it "locked and loaded" for a major quake, researchers say.

Studies suggest a previously unmapped "blind" fault may have triggered the catastrophe but did little to ease centuries of seismic strain building up along the island's major Enriquillo-Plantain Garden fault zone.

That could put the island at risk for repeat temblors along the Enriquillo fault, one researcher said.

"Even if this earthquake did not occur along the entire fault, it's certainly an indication that stress has built up in the area," Andrew Freed, a Purdue University geophysicist, told The Miami Herald.

FCC to propose steps to prevent inflated bills

With an aim to protect the customers from unexpectedly high bills and the mysterious fees charged by the operators, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has plans to propose a comprehensive set of rules for the wireless carriers in the United States.

Groups set for U.S. World Cup qualifying

Chicago -- The U.S. women's soccer team will be in a group with Costa Rica, Guatemala and Haiti in a World Cup qualifying tournament.

The U.S. team heads Group B of CONCACAF qualifying for the 2011 World Cup in Germany. Group A teams are Canada, Guyana, Mexico and Trinidad and Tobago. The tournament is set for Oct. 28-Nov. 8 in Mexico, organizers said.

The top finishers on each group will qualify for the World Cup while the tournament's third-place team will have a home-and-home series against a European team for a chance at another World Cup slot.

The United States has won all four previous CONCACAF qualifying tournaments, beating Canada in the finals each time.

Brother: Jean intends to win election

Newark, N.J. -- Wyclef Jean's brother Samuel says the singer and activist is determined to win the upcoming presidential election in Haiti.

Wyclef Jean, 38, has said he hopes to run as Haiti's Reformist Party candidate in the island nation's Nov. 28 election. Long an advocate for Haitian issues, he was named ambassador at large in 2007 by current Haitian President Rene Preval, who plans to retire.

Jean has been particularly busy working to help Haitians since a January
earthquake rocked the region and killed an estimated 200,000 people.

Jean, a former member of the music group The Fugees, was born in Haiti and later moved with his family to New Jersey.