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iPhone hacker Comex ousted from Apple internship

Its official! Jailbreaking expert Nicholas Allegra hired to intern for Apple Inc. last year has parted ways with the tech giant.

Hackers Infiltrated NASA’s Network 13 Times Last Year

Hackers breached NASA’s computer network 13 times last year to gain access in critical projects which may compromise national security.

Apple to iPhone hacker Comex: you're hired

Its official! Jailbreaking expert Nicholas Allegra will be starting internship at Apple Inc.

LulzSec teen hacker 'Topiary' banned from internet

A British teenager accused of hacking into websites Sony and News International,and other government organizations was released from a London jail on bail Monday.

Hackers attack Lady Gaga's site, call her homophobic

Popular pop star Lady Gaga has fallen victim to a U.S. hacker group that broke into her United Kingdom website and stole thousands of her fans’ personal details, according to multiple online published reports.

Fired IT guy swaps CEO’s presentation with porn content

Imagine working hard on a computerized presentation. On the D-day at the time of presentation, you shockingly notice the 64-inch screen feature porn content instead of your work.

Hackers breach FBI affiliate InfraGard

Days after LulzSec, a group of criminal hackers, breached into the websites of Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc, it has struck again. This time around, LulzSec has attacked InfraGard, a FBI affiliate.

Sony hacked again, 120 passwords published online

Another day, another hack on Sony database! Just a day after Sony Pictures came under attack by hacker group LulzSec, the company is reeling under yet another attack. The latest victim is Sony Europe.

Zuckerberg's official fan page hacked

No one's Facebook account is safe from hackers. Not even the social networking site's founder Mark Zuckerberg's! A fan page dedicated to the site's creator was hacked Tuesday.

Calif. man admits hacking over 3000 emails for nude photos

A hacker from Citrus Heights, California has accepted charges that he broke into hundreds of women's email and Facebook accounts in search of nude and semi-nude photos.