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And now, Nokia Developer site hacked!

The endless saga of cyber attacks on websites continues unabated. In the latest security breach, hackers infiltrated the Nokia Developer site last week, accessing sensitive details of members from within the network.

Hackers attack Lady Gaga's site, call her homophobic

Popular pop star Lady Gaga has fallen victim to a U.S. hacker group that broke into her United Kingdom website and stole thousands of her fans’ personal details, according to multiple online published reports.

And now, another FBI partner hacked!

As if the attack on FBI partner site InfraGard was not enough, hackers have landed another blow on the U.S. intelligence agency, this time on IRC Federal, an FBI engineering contractor.

Washington Post attacked! Hackers expose 1.27mn user IDs, passwords

Washington Post is the latest corporation to end up on the list of high-profile companies hacked so far this year.

IMF hacked, loss of vital data feared

The New York Times reported yesterday that the computer system of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has become the victim of a hacking attack.

Oops! LulzSec hacks Sony again, posts 54MB of source code

The hacking group Lulz Security or LulzSec took credit for yet another attack on Sony Corp. The anonymous hacker group, which shot to prominence last month with its high-profile intrusion, claims it hacked the Japanese technology and media giant again on Monday.

Sony hacked again, 120 passwords published online

Another day, another hack on Sony database! Just a day after Sony Pictures came under attack by hacker group LulzSec, the company is reeling under yet another attack. The latest victim is Sony Europe.

Google claims Chinese hackers hijacked Gmail, China denies

Hundreds of email accounts of U.S. government officials, military personnel and Chinese political activists have been hacked in recent months. The tech and internet search giant is now blaming computer hackers in China for the high-tech cyberspying.

Hackers attack Sony Ericsson's site in Canada

Sony acknowledged Wednesday that Sony Ericsson's eShop website has been hacked in Canada and personal information of about 2000 users has been compromised.

Zuckerberg's official fan page hacked

No one's Facebook account is safe from hackers. Not even the social networking site's founder Mark Zuckerberg's! A fan page dedicated to the site's creator was hacked Tuesday.