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Hacker attacks Apples developer website

A hacker had a sneak-peek into Apple's developer website!

Megaupload reborns as Mega !

Megaupload founder KimDotCom has confirmed working on a new file-sharing site called Mega that he intends to make raid proof!

Hackers get chance to spy through new smartphone App

Have you ever thought your house might be under the spy scanner? A new smartphone app that can aid the phone camera click secret pictures has been produced by the US military experts. The hackers will now have a free way to carry out spying.

LulzSec defaces The Sun website with Murdoch's fake death story

After a brief hiatus, LulzSec is back in action. The hacking group has attacked websites owned by Rupert Murdoch's embattled News International, and redirected traffic to a hoax story about media mogul’s suicide.

Anonymous hacks Monsanto, exposes 2500 employees' info

In yet another high-profile cyber attack, members of the online activist group Anonymous hacked the agricultural biotechnology giant Monsanto's corporate website and stole potentially sensitive details of around 2500 of its employees and affiliates.

Hacker admits stealing iPad users' data

A California man has pleaded guilty to conspiring to hack into AT&T's servers last year and steal email addresses and other information about Apple iPad subscribers.

LulzSec hacks Arizona law enforcement, posts sensitive documents online

The hacker group LulzSec is in no mood of backing off anytime soon. Undeterred by the Tuesday arrest of a 19-year-old hacker, reportedly associated with the group, it is continuing with its hacking operations.

Sony hacked again, 120 passwords published online

Another day, another hack on Sony database! Just a day after Sony Pictures came under attack by hacker group LulzSec, the company is reeling under yet another attack. The latest victim is Sony Europe.

Hacker group Anonymous attacks Iran

After attacking several Sony websites early last month, Anonymous, the clandestine hacker group, has announced its plans to target Iran Sunday.

Sony allowed access to PS3 hacker's PayPal account

A judge has granted Sony Corporation the right to access PayPal account of George Hotz, the infamous Sony PlayStation 3 hacker.