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greenhouse gases

Sea grass traps more heat than forest -- Study

According to the latest study initiated by the researchers state that sea grass plays a vital role in controlling heat as it absorbs more heat compared to forests.

Greenhouse gases a danger to public health: EPA

Washington, December 8 -- The whole of America, rather the world, knew that it was only a matter of time before authorities categorized greenhouse gases a danger to public health.

California imposes regulations on high power-consuming TV sets

Los Angeles, CA, November 19 -- In a ground-breaking decision that could help save huge amounts of energy and bring down the emission of greenhouse gases, California regulators have decided to implement energy efficiency standards on big flat panel television sets, making the state the first one to do so.

Food produces greenhouse gases in Canada

Ottawa -- Spending on food and non-alcoholic beverages in 2003 resulted in the release of nearly 46,000 kilotons of greenhouse gases in Canada. scientists said.

Statistics Canada said the first comprehensive national estimate of food-related greenhouse gas emissions in Canada shows 23 percent of the food-related GHG emissions was attributable to the production of fresh and frozen meat, while fish products contributed 2 percent. Beef alone, officials said, accounted for 15 percent of all such emissions resulting from household spending on food during 2003.