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green tea

Green tea helps enhance immune function--study

There is lot of evidence that green tea, the golden liquid the Chinese drink in copious amounts is a healthy drink, which can refresh, stimulate, and also ward off chronic diseases.

Green tea ineffective in preventing breast cancer--study

Green tea is unable to prevent breast cancer, claims a novel study aimed at finding out if the consumption of green tea was the responsible factor behind the lower rate of breast cancer cases in Asian countries compared to the West.

FDA warns beverage makers over unsubstantiated nutritional claims

The manufacturers of Canada Dry ginger ale and Lipton tea have received warnings from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for making unsubstantiated nutritional claims on their green tea-flavored beverages.

Green tea may help fight eye ailments

Green tea has shown several health benefits in previous researches, such as fighting heart disease and cancer. Now a new study adds one more to them- Protection against eye diseases.

Green tea may slow progression of prostate cancer

Baton Rouge, LA, June 19: A new study, evaluating the clinical efficacy of green tea consumption, suggests that chemicals extracted from green tea leaves help prevent prostate cancer.