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Grain futures

Grains close higher Wednesday

Chicago -- Grain futures closed higher on the Chicago Board of Trade Wednesday with the dollar index up 0.16 percent.

Corn was up 23 1/4 to up 13 1/4, soybeans were up 10 1/2 to up 11 1/4, wheat was off 1 to up 3 and oats were off 5 to up 14.

Corn prices rose sharply with the weekly ethanol report showing a 6.1 percent rise in production from the previous week -- up 19.2 percent from a year ago. Wheat futures found support from Australia, where weather conditions in the southeast are expected to drop up to 60 percent of the crop in the region to feed status. Soybeans found support as sellers focus on end-of-year targets and weather conditions in Brazil and Argentina, where beneficial rain is expected.

Grain futures slide Tuesday

Chicago -- Grain futures closed lower on the Chicago Board of Trade Tuesday with the dollar index up 0.5 percent.

Corn was off 6 1/4 to off 6 1/2, soybeans were off 3/4 to off 3, wheat was off 4 1/2 to off 9 and oats were off 8 to up 1.

Corn prices fell on a weaker dollar, despite a U.S. Department of Agriculture announcement of a sale of 116,000 metric tons to an unnamed buyer. Wheat futures fell with Australia expecting a drop in wheat available for exports due to extensive rains through the harvest season. Soybeans found support from an announcement that China would increase imports to combat rising food prices.

The prices:

Weak dollar gives grain futures a boost

Cchicago -- Grain futures closed sharply higher on the Chicago Board of Trade Friday with the dollar index down, making prices that much more attractive to foreign buyers.

Corn was up 16 to up 18 1/4, soybeans were up 19 to up 20 1/2, wheat was up 11 3/4 to up 31 1/2 and oats were up 5 1/4 to up 6.

Corn prices climbed with support from the dollar and from dry weather in Argentina. Wheat futures found support in reports a large percentage of Australia's crop could be downgraded to livestock feed status. Talk of China remaining active as a buyer helped soybean prices, which set the pace on increases Friday.

The prices:

Corn: Dec 5.59, up 18 1/4; Mar 5.73 1/2, up 18; May 5.80 1/2, up 17; Jly 5.84 1/2, up 16.

Grain futures surge in Chicago Wednesday

Chicago -- Grain futures surged higher on the Chicago Board of Trade Wednesday, as the dollar index fell 0.64 percent.

Corn was up 21 3/4 to up 22 3/4, soybeans were up 40 to up 40 1/4, wheat was up 46 to up 49 1/2 and oats were up 12 1/4 to up 27 1/4.
Corn prices jumped with funds positioned to buy and the Energy Information Administration reporting ethanol production for the week ending Nov. 26 averaged 885,000 barrels per day, up 99,000 barrels from the same week last year. Wheat founds support from Egypt purchasing 220,000 metric tons Wednesday. Soybean prices rose sharply along with a strong gains in equities on Wall Street.

The prices:

Grains mixed Monday in Chicago

Cchicago -- Grain futures prices were mixed Monday in Chicago with corn and wheat up slightly, as the dollar index was flat, falling 0.06 percent.

Corn was off unchanged to up 1, soybeans were off 3 1/4 to off 3 1/2, wheat was up 2 to up 3 3/4 and oats were off 5 1/2 to off 6 1/2.

Corn found support on the Chicago Board of Trade from a lack of rain in Argentina and reports of a potential corn shortage in China. Wheat futures rose modestly with dry weather in Australia and the United States lending support. In the soybean market, beneficial rain in Brazil in the state of Mato Grosso as the planting season winds took away some price support Monday.

The prices:

China lends support to grain futures

Chicago -- Grain futures closed higher Wednesday on the Chicago Board of Trade as China encouraged banks to increase lending for grain purchases.

Corn was up 10 1/4 to up 10 3/4, soybeans were up 16 to up 18 1/4, wheat was up 4 to up 5 1/2 and oats were up 1/2 to up 3/4.

Corn futures found support from China with the dollar index flat, falling 0.06 percent. Wheat futures lost ground to corn and soybeans as Tunisia rejected bids for a 25,000 metric ton tender. Beneficial rain in Argentina reportedly will encourage increased soybean planting, but concern over grain shortfalls in China pulled soybean futures higher before the Thanksgiving break.

The prices:

Corn futures off, soybeans higher Monday

Chicago -- Grain futures closed mixed Monday on the Chicago Board of Trade with the dollar index rising slightly, up 0.17 percent.

Corn was off 4 3/4 to off 5 1/2, soybeans were up 18 3/4 to up 20, wheat was unchanged to up 1 and oats were off 1 1/4 to off 2 1/4.

Corn futures fell with the week's export inspections at 24.4 million bushels, down sharply from the previous week. Wheat futures found support from a sale of 120,000 metric tons to Egypt announced Monday.
Soybean prices jumped with year-to-date export inspections at 31.8 percent of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's projection compared to a five-year average of 28.9 percent.

The prices:

Grain futures fall on weather, China

Chicago -- Grain futures closed lower Tuesday on the Chicago Board of Trade after China tightened its monetary policy to slow inflation.

Corn was off 20 to off 21, soybeans were off 38 to off 40 1/2, wheat was off 1/4 to off 3/4 and oats were off 2 to off 3.

Corn futures dropped despite the dollar index falling 0.12 percent as the People's Bank of China raised its bank reserve ratio for the second time in two weeks. Wheat prices fell slightly finding support from a forecast of continued dry weather in winter wheat areas. Soybeans prices plunged as China said it would sell from its soybean reserves next week.

The prices:

Corn: Dec. 5.20 3/4, off 21; Mar 5.34 3/4, off 21; May 5.42, off 20 1/2; Jul 5.45 3/4, off 20.

Grains climb Thursday on weak dollar

Chicago -- Grain futures closed higher on the Chicago Board of Trade Thursday with the dollar's weakness supporting gold, oil and agricultural commodities.

Corn was up 15 3/4 to up 16 1/2, soybeans were up 37 to up 38 1/4, wheat was up 12 3/4 to up 13 1/2 and oats up 8 1/4.

Corn futures rose with the dollar index down 0.65 percent and the U.S. Department of Agriculture weekly Export Sales report showing this week's sales below expectations. Wheat prices rose with Egypt purchasing 175,000 metric tons from U.S. sources. Soybean futures were supported by funds, which returned as net buyers Thursday.

The prices:

Corn: Dec. 5.41 3/4, up 16; Mar 5.55 3/4, up 16 1/2; May 5.62 1/2, up 16 1/4; Jul 5.65 3/4, up 15 3/4.

Grains futures mixed Thursday

Chicago -- Grain futures closed mixed on the Chicago Board of Trade Wednesday as the dollar index fell 0.22 percent.

Corn was off 3/4 to up 3/4, soybeans were off 12 1/2 to off 15, wheat was up 6 1/4 to up 8 1/2 and oats up 4 3/4.

Corn futures found some support from the weaker dollar in advance of the weekly Export Sales report due Thursday. Dry weather predicted for the central states gave support to wheat futures with a week's dry weather expected that could strain winter wheat. China indicated it would make moves to curb inflation, putting a damper on soybean futures.

The prices:

Corn: Dec. 5.25 3/4, off 3/4; Mar 5.39 1/4, off 3/4; May 5.46 1/4, up 1/4; Jul 5.50, up 3/4.