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Volatility in gold prices making investors apprehensive

Everything seems to be taking a roller-coaster ride. The BSE Sensex, the Indian rupee and the price of gold have been extremely volatile in recent days.

Pilot Project for Gold: Indian Gold’s Golden Plate being experimented by RBI

What do you have to say about Anand Sharma’s opinion: “In a country with 31,000 tonnes of declared gold even if 500 tonnes is monetised at today's value it takes care of your CAD”? We’ll dwell into this, but before that let’s speak about the matter.

Rupee drops further, Sensex dips lower! Economic doldrums for India?

Shock stupefied the Indian economy on Tuesday! After the Food Security Bill was passed in the Lok Sabha on Monday, experts opine that this would strangle the fiscal deficit. The fiscal deficit and the increase in the price of crude oil have led to the plunging of the value of rupee and eventually mercurial fall of the Sensex.

P. Chidambaram Speaks: Shielding Rupee by Controlling Gold, Electronic Goods Imports!

Third set of measures to contain draining of Indian currency has been plugged in. P. Chidambaram has announced protection of rupee by controlling gold and electronic goods import.

Gold, the worst investment of 2013, prices dip 8%

Investment in gold this year has turned out to be a shoddy asset across various markets. The precious metal has recently faltered relative to equities and yielded double the losses in the current stock rally.

Golden shower sprinkled on Earth by dead star collision ?

Ever wondered what that goldenish glow in space is? Researchers on Wednesday said that smacking collisions years ago, between dead stars may be forging all the gold we have on Earth.

Tips For Investing In Gold

Tips For Investing In Gold

Investing in physical gold has its own set of merits and demerits. Storage and insurance related costs can fritter away whatever gains that one happens to make.

Oil, Gold, Asia & the Best Investment in the World Right Now - An Interview with Jim Rogers

Falling oil and gas prices may offer some respite to consumers but are they enough to help the economy or are they a symptom of deeper problems?

Gold prices rise amid global economy fears

In an attempt to save themselves from the adverse impacts of the waning global economic outlook, investors made a beeline for the supposedly secure and infallible gold.

Silver prices plunge, gold falls in tandem

Gold, silver prices fell dramatically in early Monday trade in Asia.