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Toshiba to launch glasses-free 3-D

Tokyo -- Japanese electronics firm Toshiba Corp. said it would launch 3-D televisions that do not require the viewer to wear special glasses.

Commercial sales of the first of the new sets will be available before the end of the year, The Yomiuri Shimbun reported Wednesday.

Sources said the glasses-free 3-D sets send out images at different angles, allowing the viewer to perceive the action in three dimensions. Normally, the 3-D glasses that need to be worn to get the effect in current 3-D systems separate images that target, specifically, the left or the right eye. The separation of the images allows the viewer to experience the images at different depths.

McDonald's offers $3 for recalled glasses

Oak Park, Ill. -- Illinois-based chain McDonald's is offering $3 cash for the return of any recalled piece of "Shrek" glassware, but the items are selling for up to $5 on eBay.

McDonald's officials said Wednesday locations will pay $3 for the return of the recalled glasses, which the Consumer Product Safety Commission said contains toxic cadmium in the decorative paint, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported Wednesday.

"Returns will only be accepted inside the restaurant. Customers will be instructed by a manager to sign a refund slip and will be refunded $3 for each glass returned. No receipt is necessary," McDonald's said in a statement.

New pint glasses aimed at curbing violence

London -- A British official is praising a pair of prototype shatterproof pint glasses being tested for their durability to reduce injuries from bar violence.

Home Secretary Alan Johnson said the glasses, created by the company Design Bridge, are aimed at curbing the estimated 87,000 broken-glass attacks in Britain each year, The Independent reported Friday.

"Having that weapon in your hand is an enormous part of why these injuries take place in the first instance," Johnson said.

Johnson said the first prototype, dubbed "Glass Plus," is single layer of glass with a resin coating on the inside, and the second, "Thin Wall," features two layers of glass held together by resin. He said the designs were based on the windshields of cars.

'Avatar' leads to advent of 3-D television

New York, January 6 -- Television’s biggest players ESPN, IMAX, Discovery and Sony announced Tuesday their plans to enter the 3-D television market.