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Indian student invents power generating shoe mobile charger!

Shoe charger

Who would have thought something as simple as walking around could become an energy source for your smartphone!

Moto 360 smartwatch running Android Wear arriving for your wrists

Motorola 360 smartwach

A variety of wearable smart devices of different brands are due to explode on the market this year, with a smartwatch from Motorola is also getting some buzz.

Delaware seeks to ban the use of Google Glass while driving

Google Glass

Google Glass is a classic example of an innovative product. This is the one gadget that any tech-savvy person would yearn to possess. But then, it has its own set of limitations.

Meet Wello iPhone case, a device that can measure your vitals!

Wello ECG device

Embedded within a phone cover, the health monitoring device, dubbed Wello, has hidden sensors that can track your six vital parameters- blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, electrocardiography (ECG), blood oxygen and lung function- within seconds.

Cash collections on! eBay commercializes user data for marketers

Hey Folks! Did you know that eBay is busy commercializing, as it offers your data details to the marketers? eBay now carries data to the doorstep of the advertisers in the same way as Facebook, Amazon and Google.

Mozilla's 'Junior' mobile browser to challenge Apple's 'Safari'

In a bid to offer tough competition to Apple’s web browser Safari, Mozilla has revealed that it is working on a new mobile browser called ‘Junior’.

20 Gadgets every man should own

In the world of mammoth loads of gadgets, we tell you which gadgets you should own to have all the fun.

Mystery shrouds Apple's 10th anniversary bash

There has always been an element of mystery, suspense and curiosity when it comes to an event associated with Apple Inc. Be it the launch of the iPhone 1 or iPhone 4, Apple has been able to pull it off with suspense and style.

Google opens online bookseller

Mountain View, Calif. -- U.S. Internet giant Google said Monday its long-planned e-bookstore was open for business.

Google said it had 3 million titles available from more than 4,000 publishing houses, including McMillan, Simon & Schuster and Random House, The New York Times reported.

It is a store set up for a world of gadgets and does not leave independent sellers out of the loop.

Customers can set up their own libraries, then access their purchases -- right at the sentence where they left off -- from a variety of devices, from mobile phones to home computers.

Apple's lucrative Black Friday deals impress shoppers

Black Friday, was indeed a tremendous success for both retailers and shoppers in the United States.