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Manhunt on for Jewish school killer in France

French police has launched a massive manhunt operation to find out the perpetrator of the attacks at a Jewish school, that claimed the lives of three children and their teacher.

French ISP sets cat among online marketers by blocking ads

Is it a classic David vs. Goliath moment? Well, it seems so as an internet service provider (ISP) in France has started blocking advertisements, a move that seems to have put big online marketers including Google in a quandary.

Facebook private message rumour is 'false', site says

The rapid expansion of the virtual world has posed various threats to the privacy of an individual. In an age of the social media sites, users always have constant sense of insecurity when it comes to their private data. Facebook, one of the most accessed social networking sites has various settings when it comes to controlling user information. Users can share information with the world by making their data public or use customized settings in order to control what they share.

EU bank reform in spot as Germany and France wrangle

EU bank reform in spot as Germany and France wrangle

The proposed European Union bank reform is in a spot of bother as Germany and France, the two biggest economies of the troubled region, spar over the proposed reforms.

Archeaologists in France fall upon the earliest wall art in a collapsed cave

Situated in southwest France, a collapsed cave known as Abri Castanet might contain the earliest wall art ever discovered, a new study suggests. The abstract engravings and paintings might be even older than the famous animal images found in the Chauvet cave also in southwest France.

Sarkozy Takes First Poll's Lead After Bashing At EU Policies

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is leading the first round of presidential elections according to the opinion polls which has predicted the election to be a two horse race.

Iran Halts crude oil supply to France and Britain

Tension between Iran and western countries has intensified after the former stopped crude oil supply to France and Britain against the tightened EU sanctions.

Euro Debt Crisis: What Led to It?

The U.S.

Google faces $418m damages claim

In the largest damages claim ever faced by Google in Europe, the search engine giant has been dragged by the French search engine 1PlusV into a 295 million Euros ($418 million) lawsuit.

Alcohol ups cancer risk--study

According to the new European study published in the 'British Medical Journal,' consumption of more than two alcoholic drinks a day by men and one drink by women can raise the risks of cancer.