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Now Google Maps offers weather forecast

Google Inc., has enhanced its popular Google Maps by adding a weather layer to it.

Rising costs to eat into Gap’s profit

Shares of Gap, Inc. witnessed the biggest plunge in 10 years after the San Francisco, California based clothing and accessories retailer warned that its full-year profit forecast would fall short by 22 percent.

Study: Sensors could help firefighters

Edinburgh, Scotland -- The ability to forecast the progress of a fire and predict how it will spread in a home or office could help rescue crews save lives, Scottish researchers say.

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have developed a method of feeding data taken from sensors located in burning buildings into computer models to yield real-time predictions of how a fire will spread, a university release said.

Simple sensors incorporated into smoke alarms, room temperature sensors or CCTV cameras can measure the temperature and height of a fire, researchers say, and sophisticated computer models can convert these into a forecast of the fire's dynamics.

Forecast: Texas on edge of drought

College Station, Texas -- Texas, facing a warm, dry winter and with drought conditions already beginning, may be about to enter its next serious drought, a climatologist warns.

Texas A&M University Professor John Nielsen-Gammon, who also serves as the state climatologist, says drought conditions are developing in the Texas Panhandle and the Big Bend region and that in East Texas along the Louisiana border drought conditions have already been present for some time, a university release reported Thursday.