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Government equipped to shoulder Food Security Bill burden

India put an important step forward towards ensuring food to the scores of people reeling under the pangs of poverty when the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the parliament, gave the green signal to the Food Security Bill.

A deep-space craft dinner in space? Mars food Mission plans astronaut nourishment in space !

What about a dinner served aboard a Mars bound space craft multi million miles away from Mother Earth? At one time this was an impossible thought, but Astronauts in space flying towards the red planet, today or tomorrow are going to need loads of food for their sustenance. As weight is a big issue in space travel, cooking a meal on the space craft is going to be an extraordinary test for the astronauts on this assignment.

N. Korea changes stance, says ready for disarmament

The world political scenario at the Korean peninsula suddenly has started to seem like an adventure novel that springs a new turn to the story even as the fix is perceived to be at its highest point.

New US dietary guidelines urge less sugar, salt

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services have come up with a new set of dietary guidelines which emphasizes on less sugar and fewer calories.

Planning a Frugal New Year's Bash

Believe it or not, money has got nothing to do with how fun-filled your new year’s party is going to be. An enthusiastic host can turn even road-side into a discotheque.

Food prices in China up 11.7 percent

Beijing -- China said Saturday its consumer price index rose 5.1 percent on an annual basis in November with food prices climbing 11.7 percent.

Core prices, which exclude food, rose 1.9 percent from November to November, reported.

On Friday, the People's Bank of China raised its reserve requirement for banks 0.5 percent after customs officials said exports had increased 35 percent over the past 12 months and imports were up 38 percent.

Analysts expect the bank will take further steps to slow the economy and curb the inflationary trend. Last week, China said it would aim for a more "prudent" monetary policy next for 2011.

In contrast, the annual CPI is about 1.2 percent in the United States.

Study: Primates best at coping with change

Durham, N.C. -- Primates are more adept than other animals at dealing with seasonal environmental changes, especially rainfall, U.S. researchers say.

To find out how well primates cope with unpredictability, compared with other animals, researchers at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center in Durham, N.C., analyzed decades of birth and survival data for seven species of wild primates, a center release reported Wednesday.

"Wild animals deal with a world that's unpredictable from year to year," study lead author Bill Morris, a biologist at Duke University, said. "The weather can change a lot; there can be years with plenty of food and years of famine."

Traveling with Kids Made Cheap

While taking your young travelers along, the only way you can keep it cheap and hassle free is to plan in advance the minutest detail of your travel.

Delivery robber recognized at restaurant

Springfield, Mass. -- Police in Massachusetts said a man who robbed a delivery driver was arrested after apparently gaining a taste for the food and visiting the restaurant.

Springfield police said Edward Blatch, 23, and a second man armed with a shotgun robbed a driver from the Fu Wong restaurant Sept. 20 of $200 cash, a food order, a cellphone, a Bluetooth device, a school ring and car keys, the Boston Herald reported Wednesday.

Sgt. John Delaney said the driver recognized Blatch when the suspect stopped by Fu Wong at 1:30 p.m. Monday for lunch. Restaurant employees surrounded the suspect in a booth and prevented him from leaving until police arrived.

Blatch was charged with armed robbery and ordered held in lieu of $2,500 cash bond.

9 Food, Beverage, and Tobacco Stocks Near 52-Week Highs

 I love bargain stocks, especially when they're hitting 52-week lows. Still, it can be instructive to also look at stocks that are riding high. For one thing, they can make good sell candidates. More optimistically, we may be able to find a few companies that can continue their upward climbs.