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Will Microsoft and Nokia Agreement of $7.2 billion be profitable?

The Finnish multinational company,Nokia Oyj, has wrapped up its handset business that it once ruled and dominated. Recent updates from the company's arena is that Microsoft Corp. is in a deal with Nokia to buy NOK1V's handset business for 5.44 billion euros ($7.2 billion).

Grange takes first at World Cup slalom

Levi, Finland -- Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Grange won a wire-to-wire victory in Sunday's Alpine World Cup men's slalom at Levi, Finland Sunday.

Grange, who missed most of last season with a torn knee ligament, turned in a time of 1 minute, 46.64 seconds and edged Sweden's Andre Meyher by a fraction of a second.

Ivica Kostelic of Croatia placed third followed by Italy's Cristian Deville. Will Brandenberg of the United States placed eighth.

A tricky top section of the course took a toll on the field with 30 of 80 contestants falling out of the competition during the first run, including American Bode Miller.

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Austrian Schild nips Reisch in Levi slalom

Levi, Finland -- Austria's Marlies Schild upended German world champion Maria Reisch Saturday to win the opening women's slalom event of the Alpine World Cup season in Finland.

Schild completed the Black course at Levi in 1 minute, 52.84 seconds, a scant three one-hundredths of a second faster than Riesch, who at one point led the field by more than a half-second.

Tanja Poutiainen of Finland was a distant third and Lindsey Vonn led the American team with a sixth-place finish.

Vonn had a good run going; however she slid wide on a hard right turn and had to fight to keep her balance. "She was so far off line and pulled it back together," said U.S. women's coach Trevor Wagner. "Without that mistake, she would have been right in there."

World's oldest 'drinkable' beer salvaged

Helsinki, Finland -- Divers have discovered what is being called the world's oldest beer in a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea east of Stockholm, researchers say.

While salvaging what is believed to be the world's oldest champagne, several bottles of beer were also discovered, Finland's Helsingen Sonomat reported.

The bottles, preserved on the seabed at about 160 feet deep, were brought to the surface from a 200-year-old shipwreck near Foglo in the archipelago south of the Finnish island of Aland.

Until now, the title for the oldest drinkable beer ever to have been found was some Ratcliff Ale brewed in 1869, discovered in the vaults of the Worthington White Shield Brewery in Burton-on-Trent in Staffordshire, England, in 2006, the Sonomat said.

Receding ice could unlock arctic trove

Helsinki, Finland -- Receding arctic ice from global warming may open new avenues for tourism and trade and could reveal vast new natural resource reserves, researchers say.

The northern ice cover is becoming smaller and thinner, and scientists predict the Arctic Ocean could lose its icecap completely during summertime by the end of the century at the latest, and possibly as early as the 2030s, Finland's Helsingen Sonomat reported.

Twenty years from now it may be possible to travel to the North Pole by ship, they say. Russia has already organized luxury cruises to the North Pole in its nuclear-powered icebreakers, but the next generation may be able to reach the top of the world in their pleasure boats, they say.

Nokia to introduce free GPS navigation application from March

Espoo, Helinski, January 22 -- Finland-based Nokia Corporation has introduced a new and free premium version of its Ovi Maps application in its smartphones that will toughen the competition for its contemporaries in the GPS market.