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BMW to unveil ‘i Concept’ at LA Auto Show

As the Los Angeles Auto Show kicks off next week, auto majors like BMW have already started lining up their upcoming cars for display.

Fiat announces joint management with Chrysler

Fiat announced a new management structure which will lead Fiat and Chrysler, a company in which Fiat now has 53.5 percent holding. The joint management team is being viewed by many analysts as a sign of future merger of both the companies.

US government exits Chrysler, Fiat gets majority stake

In a deal that would sever Obama administration's link with Chrysler, the U.S. Treasury Department sold its stake in the car manufacturer to Fiat.

Fiat buying remaining 6% US stake in Chrysler

Fiat is all set to buy the remaining 6 percent shares of the U.S. government in Chrysler, taking its stake above 50 percent in the Auburn Hills automaker.

Fiat to re-enter US market with Fiat 500

Fiat is all set to re-enter the U.S. auto market with its compact car, called Fiat 500. The Italian car maker announced Wednesday that Fiat 500 will cost $15500.

Chrysler: Not Dead Yet

 Lost in the media's need to find new superlatives to apply to Ford's (NYSE: F) turnaround (guilty) and the hype/hand-wringing over General Motors' impending IPO is this intriguing story:

Chrysler isn't dead.


Fiat CEO defends three firings

Rimini -- Fiat's chief executive officer in Italy said the company was justified in firing three disruptive union workers and called for a new "social pact."

CEO Marchionne said in a speech in Rimini, "It's unacceptable to tolerate or defend certain acts, which in some cases go as far as sabotage."

Italy, he said, is "afraid of change," as he called for a "social pact, a common effort to share sacrifices and commitments and give the country a chance to move forward."

The three workers were fired for allegedly interfering with non-striking workers, which caused 1,700 workers to halt production temporarily, Ansa reported Thursday.

Fiat looks to boost productivity

Pomigilano D'arco -- Fiat, Italy's largest automaker, says it is pushing a stricter work ethic to keep the company competitive in an increasingly tough world market .

Sergio Marchionne, Fiat's chief executive who engineered a merger with Michigan's Chrysler, wants workers at auto plants in Italy to become more devoted to their jobs, work longer hours and reduce absenteeism, The New York Times reports.

"He wants to impose American-style standards," a worker at a Fiat factory that makes Alfa Romeos near Naples said. "But too much work is going to kill our workers."

Chrysler dealerships to bid on Fiat 500

Auburn Hills -- U.S. automaker Chrysler said it had invited its dealerships to bid on rights to sell the Fiat 500 and that only 125 outlets would be approved.

Potentially, 2,300 Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram truck dealers could bid on the option to sell the small Fiats, which are scheduled to go on sale in the United States in December, the Detroit Free Press reported Tuesday.

In addition to a general investment in the brand, Chrysler is requiring dealerships arrange for showroom space that is separate from their Chrysler brand vehicles, company spokesman Ralph Kisiel said.

The four-cylinder vehicle is scheduled for construction in Toluca, Mexico, using engines made in Dundee, Mich.

Fiat's net loss narrows in Q1

Recovering from the global economic slowdown, Fiat SpA reported narrower net loss for the first quarter this fiscal year.