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Experts ask McDonald's to stop selling junk food to kids

In a campaign spearheaded by Corporate Accountability International, a non profit watchdog group, a letter signed by 550 organizations and health professionals, has been issued to McDonald's, urging the fast food giant to stop offering foods high in sodium, fat, sugar and calories to kids.

Regular fasting may prevent heart disease, diabetes--study

Here's another benefit of fasting. It not only cleanses digestive system but also lowers the risk of heart disease, states a new study.

Staying awake at night burns calories--study

Burning calories is not just about exercising and right diet. Researchers have found that going without sleep for a night also helps in shedding flab.

Turning up thermostat may make you fat--study

Gained unwanted pounds this winter, and wondering how? Your centrally heated rooms could be responsible, say researchers.

USDA proposes new rules for serving healthy meals at schools

The federal government has proposed new guidelines regarding the food served to children at schools. The new rules aim at adding more fruits and vegetables and decreasing salts and fats from the daily school lunch.

Thinking about eating could help dieting

Pittsburgh -- Thinking in great detail about eating the foods that make you fat could make you want them less, U.S. researchers say.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh asked volunteers to spend a minute and a half imagining methodically chewing and swallowing 30 M&M candies, one after another.

When then presented with a bowl of M&Ms, those volunteers ate about half as many candies as volunteers who imagined eating only three M&Ms, or none at all, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday.

Just thinking about a food can help sate hunger through a process called habituation, the researchers said.

San Francisco: Only healthy meal packages can include toys for kids

San Francisco has taken an important step to curb childhood obesity. The city has called for a ban on the practice of giving away toys with fast-food packages which do not meet the guidelines for sodium, fat and calorie content.

Man ticketed after 'fat and ugly' barb

Saukville, Wis. -- Police in a Wisconsin town said they issued a $429 ticket to a man who allegedly told a fellow grocery store customer she was "ugly and fat."

Saukville police said the woman was shopping at the Piggly Wiggly and obtained permission from a clerk to use the express checkout lane, despite having more than 10 items, Milwaukee's WTMJ-AM reported Thursday.

However, another customer expressed displeasure at the woman being allowed to skirt the item limit.

"The female subject, the complainant, then turned back toward the man (and said) 'I got permission here. Is there a problem?' That's when the person said to her, 'Yeah, the problem is that you're ugly and fat,'" officer Barry Effinger said.

Commuters can't tell pregnant from fat

London -- A British parenting Web site says many commuters do not offer their seats to pregnant women because they fear the woman might just be overweight. said research involving 1,000 members indicated more than 84 percent of pregnant women had not been offered a seat on full trains, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday.

The site said many people fear to offer their seats because they risk embarrassment if the woman turns out to just be overweight and becomes offended.

"It is ridiculous that the health of young mums is being put at risk because of embarrassment," said Nifa McLaughlin, editor of "We've all been in that awkward situation, but we would encourage commuters to swallow their pride and offer their seats."

Study: Fat seen as lazy, thin isn't

Edmonton, Alberta -- A Canadian scientist says a thin person lying down is seen by people as resting, but when an obese person is seen relaxing, people assume they're lazy.

University of Alberta Assistant Professor Tanya Berry says her study shows such stereotypes about overweight people need to be addressed. Berry says just because a person is overweight, it doesn't mean they don't exercise, and just because a person is thin, it doesn't mean they are fit and healthy.

Berry had a group of study participants look at a number of pictures that would flash on a computer screen. After each photo a word such as "lazy" would appear.
After the participants looked at each picture they were asked to say the color of each word.